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Where & How To Download Nigerian Nollywood Movies Online (2020)


Do you want to download Nollywood movies online and you and you don’t know sites to download latest Nigerian movies? Then this post is for you.



Since internet became popular, its now easier to download, upload, stream videos and even do live podcasts. With this advantage, the film industry has keyed into this advancement of putting out its content on the internet so as to allow millions of its subscribers download new movies online.

If you have any favourite Nigerian movie to watch, it would be best to download it online into your mobile device or on your computer and watch later. If you opt to streaming a full Nigerian movie, you would spend on data or you could visit a cinema and pay to watch your these films or show which most people find tiring.

The best method would be downloading Nigerian movies online freely from websites that don’t ask you to register or with annoying ads. Most of these websites are regularly updated with not only new Nollywood movies but Hollywood movies as well.

You should be aware that there are millions of sites to download Nigerian Nollywood movies while there are other sites where to stream movies online for free. Be aware that in trying to watch and download these movies from most of these sites, your computer or device may be open to virus attacks.

Below are sites to watch & download Nigerian Nollywood movies online for free

  • naijapals.com
  • netnaija.com
  • irokotv.com
  • codedwap.com
  • fineloft.wapka.mobi
  • skycoded.com
  • cliqwap.com
  • waploaded.com
  • glomovies.com
  • naijagist.com
  • Unitymobile.wapka.mobi
  • Zera TV
  • Nigerian Watch
  • Notjustok.com
  • Sahara TV
  • Video Naijj
  • Mynollywoodmovies
  • Nigeriamovienetwork
  • Realnollytv

For me, the best site to download Nollywood movies is Youtube.com. To learn how to download videos from Youtube easily, see HERE

Guide on How To Download Nigerian Movies Online

There are different ways to download your favourite Nigerian movie for free. You can either chose through Wapka sites, EOD sites or mobile sites. We have listed some of the popular ones above.

Method 1: Download via Wapka/Mobile sites

  • Visit any of the websites listed above e.g netnaija.com.
  • If you already have a film in mind, use the site’s search bar option and search for the movie of your choice by typing the name of such movie followed by the enter key. You should see the film to download easily.
  • If you are searching for new Nigerian movies, navigate through the Nollywood category and select the latest movie or anyone that you would love to watch. You would be redirected to the download page.
  • Click on the “Download” sign shown to complete the download process before watching it.
  • Depending on the browser you are using, you might right click if download doesn’t commence and use the “Save As” option. Here you chose the folder where the file would enter.

Method 2: Download Nigerian movies via EOD sites

EOD sites means Entertainment-On-Demand sites. They offer subscription fee to pay if you must use their platform to watch your favourite movies on demand. Some of these popular EOD sites include iROKOTV, iBakaTV, etc. Note that these subscriptions can also be renewed monthly, yearly or even bi-annually depending on which one you chose.

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Here is how to download Nollywood movies from iROKO TV:

  • Register and Log on to irokotv.com through app, smart phone or laptop.
  • Click on “subscribe”
  • Click on “create an account” next.
  • Fill the form provided.
  • Select a payment method.
  • Select the subscription plan of your choice you want to pay for.
  • Fill in your card details for payment of subscription.
  • A confirmation message with a link should be sent to your mail to activate your account.
  • Click the link provided in the mail to activate your account.
  • Select your favourite Nigerian movie to download.
  • Click download and wait patiently for the Nigerian movie to complete the process.



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