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Original WAEC Certificate Collection: How To Go About It Easily

You have not collected your WAEC certificate? No problem, you’re not alone. In fact, it had been stated that some of the results ready for collection in WAEC offices dates back to 1960. Why people leave what they laboured for this long is what I don’t know. To even think many of the people that collected theirs collected at a rush hour when they needed it for something makes it bad.


It’s your certificate, you registered for the exams, prepared for it, sat for it and it came out good, why not collect it? The large number of uncollected results is high and this had prompted the exam body to fine candidates for not collecting their certificates.

The fine ranges from N3,500 to N23,500 depending on the time duration the certificate is left fallowing in their office.

We have also listed the amounts you would pay for collecting your original WAEC certificate depending on how long you’ve waited and they are:

  • 0 – 4 years = N3, 500
  • 5 – 9 years = N8, 500
  • 10 – 14 years = N13, 500
  • 15 – 19 years = N18, 500
  • 20 years and above = N23, 500

From the list above, where do you belong? You need to collect your certificate to avoid moving to the next level of fine. This article with discuss all you need to know about WAEC certificate collection. Before that, lets discuss WAEC as a body a bit.

WAEC: An Overview

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an examination board that conducts the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, for universities and Jamb entry examination in West African countries.

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Established in 1952, the council has contributed to education in Anglo-phonic countries of West Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and the Gambia), with the number of examinations they have coordinated, and certificates they have issued. They also formed an endowment fund, to contribute to the education in West Africa.

The council conducts four different categories of examinations. They are International Examinations, National Examinations, Examinations conducted in collaboration with other examining bodies, and Examinations conducted on behalf of other examining bodies.

The International exams are the exams taken in more than one country. WASSCE (West African Senior School Certificate Examination) for example is taken in the five countries. The National examinations are taken in individual countries. The council also coordinates examinations in collaboration with some trustworthy examination bodies.

The council also conducts examination in West Africa on behalf of international examination bodies. Examples includes University of London GCE and JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) examination in countries outside Nigeria.

Below is how you can process the collection of your original WAEC certificate easily no matter where you are in the country

WAEC Certificate Collection: How To Go About It

It’s no news if I tell you WAEC organizes the Secondary School Certificate Examination twice a year. One for those still in school and the other for private candidates, the WAEC exams popular known as externals.

However, while the first one for school candidates (internal WAEC) takes place between November to November and that of private candidates (external WAEC) takes place between November to November, there’s a new one introduced for the private candidates. It takes place between November to November and it was introduced in 2018.

Regardless of the examination type, WAEC certificates are ready for collection within one year after results are out. However, where you collect the results differs.

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For school candidates (internal WAEC candidates), they can get their results from their respective schools. The requirements for collection and fees depends on the school. So, if yours is an internal examination, kindly go to your school for collection.

For private candidates, you need to go to the nearest WAEC office and make inquiry. Just remember, if it’s been more than a year since your certificate was released, you will have to pay a fee to collect your certificate. WAEC calls it a custody fee and the rate vary depending on how long your certificate was kept in WAEC’s care.

You might be asking yourself – What documents should I bring when collecting your original waec result from waec office? See them below.

Before collection, you are expected to provide the following documents among other things.

  • Application letter
  • Online result printout
  • Identity Card
  • One passport photograph
  • a sworn affidavit from the High Court

After collecting your certificate, avoid laminating it. Keep it in a safe place to prevent it from damaging as it’s susceptible to getting damaged quickly if handled badly. You can keep it in a transparent bag and keep the bag save. After going through this write up, it’s no doubt saying it’s not that difficult getting your certificate when you’re ready. However, it’s best to get it when not in a hurry.


  1. Hi,

    I sat for WAEC(Private) examinations in November/December 1994 and 1995 respectively but I’m not presently residing in Nigeria. Can I send my younger sister to collect on my behalf if I send the necessary documentation required for collection. Please I need your urgent response in this regard as I am in need of the certificates

  2. Pls can I get my waec certificate from any waec office close to my place apart from the school I did it ….cos am an external student there ??

  3. Please I wrote WEAC in 2009 at Maiduguri… But the area is a no go area since then,I have not collected my certificate I only have the online print out ,how can I get the certificate? Can any organization clear me with the online result?

  4. Good day sir, I please wrote my waec exams at apapa secondary school, Lagos as a (private student). Where please can I go and collect my certificate?

  5. Hello good evening I am okolie Chukwuemeka Maxwell I am not around in country and base on the information at hand I have told my sister to pick my results for me and if you don’t mind I will scan and send all the information you need to enable her pick the results for me.


  6. Comment: I sat for waec in 2007 at Omoku Rivers State but I lost my print out and I, don’t have my exam number, please how do I get the original certificate ?

  7. Please my sister wrote her exam in the year 2018 but she lost as a result of fire outbreak in the house please can she get a certificate again

  8. Can I get my WAEC exams results and certificate taken at loyola college Ibadan Nigeria dating back to 1967 schools certificate examinations?

  9. I sat for my waec 2017, and haven’t gotten the original result yet… But I need to get it in the space of just few days and schools ain’t open yet… Can I get it at the waec office?

      • Please I sat for waec GCE since 2014 in igbaja kwara state but have not requested for the original waec certificate since then thought I don’t reside in kwara state now pls can I request for d certificate in any state where I reside because my location is not in kwara state

  10. Hello, I wrote WAEC 2017 ( I was not a student of the school but i registered with them and wrote it. I don’t know if that counts as external or internal). And i haven’t collected the original. I heard about original waec result certificate today., like few minutes ago.

    How do i go about the collection sir..? Do I go to the school first or WAEC office in my state…?

  11. Hi
    Please I lost my identity card through which I registered for the examination, I also lost my national identification simultaneously. Is it still possible to get my cert? If yes, please tell me what I need to do. Thanks

  12. Hi,
    I wrote my waec (private candidate) 2018 and my date of birth is different, please tell me the procedure to be taken. Urgently please

  13. Pls in my institution I want to use two sitting in Wace .but one carries three names and the other carries two names respectively will it be collected

  14. I process my waec original cert on 4th Feb2021
    And I haven’t been mail to come for it.
    What’s wrong ❌?
    And the process was done successfully

  15. I wrote waec gce in Lagos in the year 2012 and I am no longer in Lagos please can I get the original certificate in kwara state waec office ?

  16. Please sir, I sat for waec in saint Lawrence’s grammar school ilesha osun state in the year 2007 since then I left the state, now am in revers state please can I get the original result here in rivers State because it is not easy for me to go to my school thank you sir.

  17. Please I don’t understand the internal and external student stuff
    I did mine in a school where I was not going b4:like outside the school I’m initially registered 4rm jss1 to ss2 so am I a private or internal student

  18. Please I wrote WAEC 2004 as an external student at St.Martins school mushing,my result did not come out on time,when it eventually came out I couldn’t get because my picture was not on it, please how can I go about it

  19. I wrote GCE in Lagos Ajeromi Ifelodun LG , but could not find any of my details except the centre of my examination and the year,,Please how do i go about it to get my certificate

  20. I wrote wace 2020 as External candidate but when I wanted to collect my original wace result they told 25000
    I pleaded with them to reduce the money for me they refuse please what will I do

  21. Good afternoon thanks for the information. I wrote waec in 2014 the question I will like to ask is it still possible for my waec result to be collected from my school in 2021? Thank u in anticipation of your response.

  22. Good afternoon ma/sir….
    I finished my waec 2013
    Please it is compulsory i get my waec certificate from my school or I go to any waec office to get it?

    Please i need quick response from you…. Thanks

  23. Mine was 2009, I moved to Ibadan, nd I did my WAEC in Lagos. Please is there any possibility I can get it here in Ibadan.

  24. I did my WAEC in 2020, but my school has not received the original copies for my set. Please, how can I get it? I need it urgently for my screening.

  25. I need my WAEC certificate as soon as possible. I wrote in Lagos in 2014. I’m in Abuja now. How can I get it? Can I get a contact person who can fast track the process?

  26. The Waec I did was school candidate own,and i don’t want to collect it at the school I did it,is I go to waec office will they give me????

  27. Greetings my brother, please have done all necessary regarding the secondary school certificate collection through proxy because I base in US. The person standing for me was told to come the next day and pick the document only to get thier and was told that I have to do an affidavit again in the US which must be submitted to them in Nigeria. They did not say this earlier until after money has been paid for the processing, pease advice what should I do?


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