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Types of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria & Their Prices (November, 2022)

Roofing sheets are used to cover a building to prevent rain and other weather conditions from affecting those who live inside a house. The type of roofing sheets used in building projects speaks a lot about the aesthetics aside being a form of covering for a building, so it is very vital to pick the best roofing sheet that is durable and would last long.

Manufacturers of this building material use elements like Aluminium and Zinc when making different types of roofing sheets. You might have heard of Aluminium roofing sheet, Wintech, long span, etc. These are just a few popular ones available in the market as there are various brands of roofing sheets available in the country today.

When it comes to building materials, roofing sheets are essential and expensive. The quality, durability, type has always been the factors that has affected the prices of roofing sheets in Nigeria. No wonder it has remained among the best selling material in the building market because of the high demand it gets as structures get erected on a daily basis in the country.

If you want to know the different types of roofing sheets and their prices in the building market, this article covers it all.

Types of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria & Prices (2022)

The roofing sheets available in Nigeria building market today are four in number. Since they vary in designs, quality, sizes and prices, we shall provide pictures for each of these in the market today, the advantages of these various types of roofing sheets and what you should note before purchasing these roofing sheets in Nigeria.

1. Stone-coated Roofing Sheets: Prices in Nigeria & Types


This type of roofing sheets is known for its beauty, durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. You will find stone coated roofs mostly in major cities in the country such as Lagos and Abuja.They come in different designs and sizes.

Made from coated stone chips merged on acrylic film, manufacturers of stone-coated roofing sheets ensures that it has the strength, quality and finesse to last. Some advantage of stone coated roofs over other types of roofing sheets is that it doesn’t rust, it is sound proof, it can resist fire and heat over a long period and its light weight makes it easy to maintain.

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Stone coated roofing sheets are the most expensive roofing sheets in Nigeria and the price is worth it. Since its minimizes heat during the sunny season and ensures that the weight of your roofing doesn’t put excess load on the building structure, then you should buy stone-coated roofing.

If you choose to invest in this type of roofing sheet, you would not regret as building owners hardly replace or repair it. Below are current prices for various stone-coated roofing sheet available in the market.

  • Roman design for 0.55 mm thick costs ₦3,400 per square meter
  • Milano design for 0.55 mm thick costs ₦3,400 per square meter
  • Shingles design for 0.55 mm thick costs ₦3,400 per square meter
  • Bond design for 0.55 mm thick costs ₦3,300 per square meter
  • Wooden Shake design for 0.55 mm thick costs ₦3,400 per square meter
  • Classic design for 0.55 mm thickness cost ₦3,400 per square meter

The Advantages of Using Stone-coated Roofing Sheets

Although stone-coated roofing sheets are expensive to purchase, they are the best in the industry and have the following advantages:

  • They are durable and beautiful

No other roofing sheet commands more beauty the way stone-coated roofs does. If you are looking for the best and most durable roofing sheet in the country,  then stone-coated roof is the best option to use.

  • They are soundproof

This is another advantage of using stone-coated roof as you would not hear a soumd when it is raining. If you want a type of roof that doesn’t make noise or absorbs noise, the go for this type.

  • They are lightweight and resistant to fire and heat

The weight of roofs most times put unwanted burden on buildings, causing cracks and breakdown if not properly constructed. The use of stone-coated roofing sheets allows for less liad on the building due to its lightweight. If you are also in the market for roofing sheets that can absorb heat, then stone-coated roofing should be your choice.

2. Aluminium Roofing Sheets: Prices in Nigeria & Types


If you need a roofing sheet in Nigeria that is cheap and long lasting, then you should consider aluminium roofing sheets because it is most sought after in the country. Although not as long-lasting as stone-coated roofing sheet, aluminium roof types are still one of the best quality roofing sheets in the country.

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Aluminium roofing sheets can last you 50 solid years of usage no matter the temperature and harsh weather condition. This kind of roof is targeted to the middle class citizens who cannot afford the expensive options in the market and it is highly reliable and durable. The only disadvantage of Aluminum roofing sheet is that it isn’t noise proof during rain fall.

Below prices of various types of aluminium roofing sheets available in Nigeria this 2022.

Step-tile Aluminium roofing sheets price list

  • 0.55 mm thick =  ₦2,800 per meter
  • 0.45 mm thick =  ₦2,400 per meter

Metcoppo Aluminium roofing sheet price list

  • 0.55 mm thick = ₦2,900 per meter
  • 0.45 mm thick = ₦2,500 per meter

Long span aluminium roofing sheet price list

  • 0.55 mm thick = ₦2,700 per meter
  • 0.45 mm thick = ₦2,100 per meter

3. Fibre Britment Roofing Sheets: Prices in Nigeria & Types


This top popular roofing sheet was hot-in-demand in the past before other types of roofing sheets came on board in the building industry. Known for its ruggedness and quality, fibre britment roofing sheets has the quality to last long and is durable to use for your edifice.

Below are prices of various types of Fibre Britment roofing sheets commonly used in Nigeria.

  • Fibre britment roofing sheets = ₦3,500 per square meter
  • Fibre britment step-tile roofing sheets = ₦4,900 per square meter.

3. Swiss Roofing Sheets: Prices in Nigeria & Types

Swiss roofing sheet image by swissmetrotiles.com

This type of roofing sheet is the most expensive you can purchase and it is meant for the wealthy class. Swiss roofing sheets are the best in terms of aesthetics, quality, class, design, style and it is very durable. No wonder, it isn’t popular because of how costly it is in the market.

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The cost of swiss roofing sheet per square meter in Nigeria ranges from ₦4,000 to ₦5,000.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Roofing Sheet

It is very important to carry out your research before purchasing roofing sheet for the building structure. This would enable you to be conversant with the latest information about roofing sheets prices in the country and how to differentiate between original and fake roofing sheet.

Also, there are different woodwork for various types of roofing sheets in the country. You don’t expect the woodwork of stone-coated roofing to work for longspan aluminium roofing and vice-versa. Hence, it is advisable to decide on the roofing type before constructing the wooden framework for it.

Step-tile aluminium and stone-coated roofing sheets are the most expensive and have various brands and different quality levels. We know that there are roofing contractors or engineers that are dishonest in terms of quotation of prices, that is why we provided the prices of these roofing sheets for you.

Always buy from reliable roofing sheet dealers in the country. We shall recommend some top dealers as we gather more information and verify their businesses to avoid fraudulent dealers in the building industry.

It should be noted that the prices of building materials like cement, roofing sheets, tiles, rods, doors, etc can change as a result of some market factors like the period and area of purchase, year of production of the sheets, tariff charges on importation and currency exchange rate.

Opportunity for Roofing Sheets Dealers in Nigeria

While we provided this prices based on the current market valuation, we are aware that roofing sheet dealers or those in the building market industry would love to advertise their businesses online and get more customers.

Nigerian Infopedia offers you the chance to do that here on this platform at affordable prices. Get in touch with the admin by sending a mail at [email protected] for placing your adverts on this page or on the website itself.


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