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Top 5 Best Business Schools In Nigeria (2020)


Nigerian Infopedia presents to you the top 5 best business schools in Nigeria which are popular, all of which are accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), offering in-depth business management courses and training that you can attend to earn your Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Nigeria.


Business Schools are important for those who want to advance their knowledge in the world of business. Although, most universities in Nigeria that offer business management at degree level would not go in depth as you might only be taught the basics, hence the need to enroll in a top quality business school in Nigeria.

You might want to opt for an online business school or you might even want to travel to attend a top business school abroad if you wish, but these popular business schools in Nigeria have overtime carved a name for themselves, churning out great business men and women we have in the country today.

There are several good business schools in Nigeria however there are a couple of factors to consider before choosing which of them you should enroll in. You have to know the quality of their faculty, make research on the teachers in the faculty of the business school to know the calibre of teachers over there.


Also, get to know their alumni network, try to find out how influential the alumni network of your potential business school is to the school. Many people choose certain business schools because of the networking opportunities they offer which are as a result of their alumni network.

Without further ado, these are the top 5 best business schools in Nigeria.

1. Lagos Business School

1. Lagos Business School: This business school is located at Lekki in Lagos. It is privately owned by the Pan-Atlantic University in Nigeria. Lagos Business School offers programs such as full-time MBA Programs, Executive MBA programs and Doctoral programs in Management. They are also an accredited online business school in Nigeria to run your MBA.

2. Executive Business School (EBS)

EBS is another accredited business school located in Lagos with top quality. It was founded in 2007, offering different undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business management.

3. West Africa Business School

One of best leading business schools in Africa with branches in Ghana and in Lagos, Nigeria.

West Africa Business School was registered in Nigeria in 2002 as a private regional training institute. WABC is committed to growing intellectual assets in Africa particularly in the ECOWAS.

WABC has campuses in Ghana, Gambia and Nigeria. They also enjoy partnership with major brands in the finance, health and insurance sectors.

Their approach to training differs from traditional business schools as they do not award graduate degrees rather they offer corporate training through executive open enrolment and in-house programme for companies. They also offer distance e-learning programme.

They also have entrepreneurship development centers that target primary and secondary school students as well as unemployed graduates.

On the long term, WABS intends to award execute business degrees to students as well as to establish the ECOWAS Open University.

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4. International School Of Management

ISM is another top business school that delivers quality education services in business management. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate and online educations. As their name implies, ISM has been able to forge academic alliances with top universities in the international space particularly Europe and America.

Their faculty comprises a mix of local and foreign tutors who have a good knowledge of the Nigerian business system.

5. Metropolitan School of Business Management, Lagos

This business school serves as one of the branches of the Metropolitan School of Business Management in the United Kingdom.

MSBM Lagos offer both online and on-campus learning to their student. MSBM is a great option for those who would like the look of a foreign degree on their portfolio without having to travel abroad.

When you need a top quality business school, think of any of the above.




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