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Top 10 Best Car Tracking Companies in Nigeria


In this post we will list the top 10 Best Car Tracking Companies in Nigeria. If you’re a car owner, in order to prevent your car from being stolen, you should seriously consider installing a car tracking device. 


A car tracking device is really beneficial as it can help in situations of theft as well as in managing your fleet of cars. If you want to install a car tracker and you’re not sure where to get the very best you can trust, look no further as this post will be of immense help to you.

Top 10 Best Car Tracking Companies in Nigeria

1. Car Tracker Nigeria

Car Tracker Nigeria has state-of-the-art vehicle tracking software that can help you find and recover your car when stolen. They provide fleet management services for 10 or more cars where you can track each car on your fleet can be tracked.

Car Tracker Nigeria provides speed limiters that which conform to the standard approved by the FRSC and SON. They also sell anti-shatter glass protection film which protects your glass from shattering.


Car Tracker’s unique tracking device comes with live map tracking which can be used to get the details of the location of your car. You can track your car via your mobile device. The interesting thing is that your phone doesn’t have to be an internet enabled to be used for tracking.

2. Philux International

Philux International’s car tracking device is widely known among individuals and corporate organizations.

They employ cutting edge automated car tracking and fleet management technology in order to satisfy their customers and they are responsive in adapting their customers’ feedback into improving their products and services.

3. V-Dile Solutions Ltd

This car tracking company was incorporated in 2008, and it is located in Ikeja, Lagos. They are made of highly technical professionals and competent engineers who work effectively so as to provide the best car tracking service to the customer.

4. Olive Track Ltd

Olive Track Ltd combines GPS and GSM technologies to enable the car owner receive and transmit the right data needed to see the location of the vehicle in real time.

Their service also comes with the geo fence alert which tells you when your car leaves your preferential location.

5. GPS Car Tracking Service

GPS Car Tracking Service provides a GPS tracking device that helps you pinpoint the exact location of your car in real time. Your phone or computer can be used to get information about your car.

The company offers asset tracking service which helps you track your cargo carrying vehicle.

6. Abon Technology Ltd

With their unique online GPS system, Abon Technology Ltd enables users to track their vehicles in real time as well as monitor and manage their fleet irrespective of location.

7. Envoy Car-Tracking

Envoy Car-Tracking combines GPRS, GSM and GPS technology into a car tracking device.

The company supplies a range of devices from vehicle tracking system to personal tracker, CCTV, bomb detector, electric fencing, electric gate opener and car rental system.

8. Zenda Car Tracker

Zenda is a reliable car tracking company. Their products come with one year full warranty. If you want an effective car tracking device, think of Zenda car tracker.

9. Stremcom Track

Stremcom devices provide timely information on the location and state of your vehicles through SMS. They also provide important information such as the speed of your vehicle as well as the fuel level.

10. Fenix System

A subsidiary of Impactcentric Techniks, Fenix System is a reputable car tracking company. Their offices are located in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Kano and Abuja.



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