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The Oldest Polytechnic in Nigeria: Yaba Tech

We have listed federal polytechnics in Nigeria, private, state polytechnics in the country as well as different universities in Nigeria but have you ever wondered which is the oldest polytechnic in Nigeria? Well, you shall learn that in this write-up.

Polytechnics in NigeriaAs we are aware that the white men who settled and colonized Nigeria brought western education into the country. They first established primary schools and secondary schools before institutions of higher learning.

Which Polytechnic Is The Oldest in Nigeria?

For historical purposes, the oldest polytechnic in Nigeria which doubles to be the first in the country is Yaba Tech. It has also been ranked 1st among all as the best polytechnic in Nigeria this 2021.

Brief History of The First Polytechnic Established in Nigeria

It began as Yaba Higher College in the year 1934 by a decree and after fourteen years, the students of the college were transferred to another state which saw the establishment of the University of Ibadan in the year 1948. Prior to the move, the Yaba Higher College was restructured and renamed Yaba Technical Institute.

As time passed by, the students didn’t fancy the name being called Yaba Technical Institute and agitated for a change to its current name Yaba Tech which was adopted in 1963. The name was later changed to Federal Polytechnic Yaba after thirteen years but was reverted to Yaba Tech.

The main objectives of this oldest polytechnic in Nigeria is to provide full time and part-time courses of instruction and training in Technology, Commerce and Management, and in such other field of applied learning relevant to the need of the development of Nigeria in the areas of industrial and Agricultural production and distribution and for research in the development and adaptation of techniques as the Council of the College may from time to time determine.

It was in pursuit of these objectives that the College has continued to develop in structure and today is made up of nine(9) academic units called Schools, headed by Deans and Thirty-four(34) Departments headed by Heads of Departments currently.

The structure of training in this institution of learning, was to bring the different training departments of the different public offices together, like the Marine sector, railways, land and survey, post and telegraph, etc

Although, Yaba Tech is known to be the oldest polytechnic in Nigeria, it has produced some of the brightest brains who occupy strategic places in the country.


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