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Top 10 Best Tech Blogs in Nigeria (2019)


Technology is one of the most popular blogging niche that appeals to bloggers in Nigeria. Because of this, a lot of tech blogs exist that provides you the latest technology news, trends or information on the latest gadgets.

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Influential tech bloggers in Nigeria image credit: noisemakers.com.ng

Some are general as they discuss any tech brand, while others are niched, that’s, focusing on a particular area of tech such as news, tech startups, tech how tos, product reviews, Android etc.

This article will attempt to rank the top 10 tech blogs in the country using factors such as content quality, audience reach as well as Alexa rank.

Top 10 Best Tech Blogs In Nigeria Include:


TechCabal is the number one tech blog in Nigeria 2017 and definitely one of the best in Africa. The blog was established in 2013 by Bankole Oluwafemi and as it stands now, it had positioned itself as the most visited blogs in the country.

TechCabal focuses on startups, investment and core tech issues in Nigeria with it audience base comprising of mostly investors, developers, startup founders and CEO. The website aims at bringing together technology enthusiasts to share their ideas, experiences and also the latest development in the world of technology.

Due to the quality of their works, they have been referenced by major tech blogs in the world such as TechCrunch. They cover mostly information technology, tech news, reviews etc.


TechPoint is the second tech blog in Nigeria with the largest audience base and to tell you the truth, I visit this blog often. In fact, it is my favourite tech blog.

TechPoint is an example of a project done right. It is not even up to 2 years since it was founded by Adewale Yusuf and Muyiwa Matuluko but somehow, had managed to beat the existing blogs.

The audience demography of TechPoint overlapps with that of TechCabals because they discuss almost the same thing. Recently, TechPoint had toured Northern Nigeria, looking for tech ideas and startups to talk about and inspire. They have currently taken the campaign to the South East.

Overall, Techpoint can be said to be a place where people who use technology are entertained and educated at the same time. It is also a place where emerging technologies are showcased and conveyed in simple language.


What a man can do… this lady (Tobi Ayeni) has done it better. When you think of a lady meeting tech in Nigeria, think of Toby Ayeni AKA Miss Techy, she is a graduate of the Covenant University who studied Banking and Finance but somehow, finds pleasure in tech.

She is indeed, the most popular female tech blogger in the country and has one of the largest base of followers in Nigeria in the tech niche. Misstechy blog is niched down to gadgets and mobile apps reviews as well as latest news about technology in the world as she keeps her audience engaged with her self personalized style of blogging.

She also writes about young women in the tech space that are ruling the industry. You will be able to find these stories in the women that rule section of her blog.

Misstechy has also included the latest apps that are making wave in the tech space. Her interesting product reviews follows the best global practices which have often been compared with the likes of Techradar, CNET, GSM arena and other top prominent technology blogs in the global blogosphere.

As a technology enthusiast, her goal is to make people think differently about technology. The blog which started in 2015 has grown into an authority in the country.


Remember the first guy Konga first made a million through their affiliate program? That guy is Paschal Okafor, the founder of Naija Tech Guide and he made that from the blog.

The blog was created by Paschal in 2006 and he’s presently one of Nigeria’s most respected technology analyst and blogger.

NaijaTechGuide is unarguable one of the leading tech blogs in the country and also one of the oldest. The audience base of Naija Tech Guide comprises of mostly tech gadget buyers that’s why we can see this blog as a buyer guide blog.

They review products people are interest in and as far as the search engine is concerned, Naija Tech Guide is a leading source of gadget information in the country. This website focuses on tech reviews, news, specs as well as price comparisons of gadgets and electronics.

The importance  of NaijaTechGuide in the Nigerian tech space has been proven as the website has won many major awards.

Mobility Arena

Mobility Arena is one of the oldest blogs in Nigeria. This blog focuses on mobile discussion and it is good place to get information on all mobile operating systems and their apps. The blog shares the latest tech news items and reviews of various tech brands.

Simply put, Mobility Arena is the number one phone blog in Nigeria and the size of their audience is huge. It was founded by Yomi Adegboye, an influential person in the Nigerian tech space.

Spec Price Nigeria

Just like TechPoint, this blog is a new project that had positioned itself in a good way and had walked it way to the top, amidst the large number of existing tech websites in the country.

They focus on mostly the reviews of tech products and are seen as a trusted review site in the country.

This blog does quite well on the Google search engine and is a major destination of product buyers, it is a competition to Naija Tech Guide.

Ogbonge Blog

Jide Ogunsanya is the founder of Ogbonge Blog, he is popularly known as JideTheBlogger and a once active member in the Nairaland Webmasters section. In 2013, the website suffered a setback when it’s ranking on Google dropped due to some sharp practices.

However, the blog is currently doing well on Google’s ranking and the website is currently ranked 498 in Nigeria by Amazon’s Alexa.

His blog focuses on tech how to and is very popular among the Nigerian audience on tips regarding SEO, blogging, AdSense tips and tricks, etc.

The blog is an award-winning blog and had won the best tech blog of the year and tutorial blog of the year in a time past. Jide is also an influential person in the tech space of Nigeria. Ogbongeblog is known for its indepth informational articles on technology as well as online money generation.

Android Nigeria

Android Nigeria is a popular tech blog solely established for android phone reviews, how to, and the latest android games and apps.

They have now place themselves as one of the best source of information for android phones in the country. This tech website is one of the most trusted sources of android product specifications and reviews in the country.

You can also get information on internet and data plans from various internet service providers in the country from the blog.


When many people come together to produce a thing, it will indeed come with different taste and that diversity is what Geek.ng has. The editor-in-chief of this blog is Don Caprio. Geek Nigeria was incorporated as a company in 2013.

It is a Nigerian prominent tech blog and also a multi-author blog that focuses on tech news, product comparison and other related news to tech. You will also find the latest and best deals for gadgets such as mobile devices, playstation, headse etc. You can directly order these items from the Geek Nigeria website.


This blog is also one of the most popular tech blogs in the country and it does quite well on the google search engine. It focuses on tech news and product reviews and is written by a team of ICT professionals and tech enthusiasts.

As one of the leading tech blogs in the country, the blog provides its audience with quality information on ICT related issues like advance web technology, web trends, telecommunications, software development, mobile technology, industry watch, technology trends, reviews and analysis, interview and news.


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