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Salary of a Sub Lieutenant in Nigerian Navy Monthly

Nigerian Navy Sub Lieutenant salary monthly and other senior officers.

The rank of a sub lieutenant in Nigerian Navy is the first rank given to those who entered the Navy through DSSC (Direct short Service Course) as commissioned officers. What then is the monthly salary of a sub lieutenant like?


Its not surprising to see that each year thousands of candidates apply for a work as a personnel in the Nigerian Navy. This makes competition fierce.

Most applicants are not aware of the Nigerian Navy salary range or even what they are getting into as they think that joining the Navy is an easy fix to riches.

Joining the Nigerian navy as a Sub Lieutenant is the first stage of starting a career in the military via the Navy. The benefits attached to this rank apart from the take home pay is enormous. This is because you are a commissioned officer and would receive the salary of a senior officer in the Nigerian navy.

Lets take a look at the ranks of commissioned officers in the Nigerian navy and see the where that of a Sub-Lieutenant falls.

Ranks and Salaries of Senior Officers in Nigerian Navy

These set of naval officers make the decisions for the junior officers and they mostly occupy the leading positions. They are well respected in the military. While junior officers have their hierarchy, the non-commissioned naval officers are still subject to the commands, orders and rules of the commissioned officers.

To become a senior officer in the Navy, you must join as a fresh graduate through the direct short service (DSSC) or through the Nigerian Defence Academy. Those who join the Nigerian navy through the NDA are made Lieutenants, who are seen as the most senior of the junior officers.

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The same is applied at the equivalent ranks in the Nigerian army and Air force since order, discipline and hierarchy are three key things that the Nigerian military thrive on.

The 12 ranks of senior officers are highlighted below with the rank of Sub-Lieutenant position shown

  • Admiral of the Fleet
  • Admiral
  • Vice-Admiral
  • Rear Admiral
  • Commodore
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Sub-Lieutenant
  • Acting Sub-Lieutenant
  • Mid-Shipman

From the above, you would understand that there are chains of commands in the Navy in a hierarchical order. Salaries are paid according to ranks as the salary of a sub lieutenant in Nigerian navy monthly would be different from that of a mid-shipman or even a commander.

See the range of yearly salaries of senior officers below:

  •  An Admiral salary figure is N16,303,140
  • Vice Admiral salary is ₦13,363,229
  • Real-Admiral salary is ₦12,038,945
  • Commodore earns a salary figure of ₦7,385,856
  • Captain salary is N3,715,859
  • Commander earns a salary figure of ₦3,380,086

What is the Salary of a Sub Lieutenant in Nigerian Navy?

A Sub Lieutenant is paid the sum of N200, 000 per month as earning minus other allowances accrued to his rank. As a senior officer, the Sub Lieutenant earns a total of N2.4 million yearly.



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