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Current Prices of Keke Napep in Nigeria Today (2020)


Are you doing a market research on Keke Napep? Then what’s contained in this article will help as it contains the current prices of Keke Napep in Nigeria. It also discusses what to consider when buying this tricycle among other things.


Keke Napep is fast becoming one of the most used means of transportation on our roads after cars and motorbikes popularly known as Okada. In some regions due to the banning of the use of Okada, it had replaced Okada and takes the place of the second most used.

From an unfamiliar medium of transportation to one of the most loved among commuters, Keke Napep had grown to be a household name in road transport.

The increasing popularity of Keke Napep among commuters open doors of opportunities for entrepreneurs – those into Keke Napep commuting services.

Like I heard from a particular guy into the business, he claimed Keke Napep brings a better return on investment when compared to cars. He gave two reasons – one, it’s cheaper compared to buying a car. The other, the fuel efficiency rate.

According to him, “The amount he will earn from N5,000 fuel in a Keke Napep, he cannot get it when he use the same amount of fuel in car”. While I can’t say if he’s completely saying the truth, I am sure of one thing – fuel consumption rate is minimal in Keke Napep than in cars.

Things To Consider When Buying A Keke Napep In Nigeria

  • Brand
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This does not only apply to Keke Napep but to every other thing you plan to buy. It’s usually advisable to buy products from known brands. The importance of buying products from known brands cannot be overemphasized.

When you buy products from known brands, you are leveraging on their years of experience and buying a tested and trusted solution because what makes them known is the trust of the customers they have earned over the years.

When it comes to Keke Napep in Nigeria, we have some popular brands that have been tested and trusted. Some of these includes TVS, Piaggio, Bajaj, Daylong and Suzuki among others.

It’s important to state that I am not condemning unknown brands. In fact, all these brands I mentioned at some point were not known.

However, if you are not ready for surprises and is looking for the best, tested and trusted products are the best.

  • Fuel Consumption Rate

This is another factor to consider when buying a Keke Napep. When it comes to Keke Napep fuel consumption, it is hailed as one of the best.

However, the fuel consumption rates still vary depending on the brand and model of the machine. Fuel consumption becomes a huge concern since as a rider, one of most important things to you is hot much you make per a specific litres of fuel.

Make enquiries and know which brand and model is best in this regard. Inquiring before making a final decision will not cost you a thing – it will only increase your return on investment when your business finally kick-start.

  • Spare Parts Availability
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This is some how tied to the brand. For no reason should you buy any Keke Napep which its spare parts are not readily available in your region.

No matter how good and durable your Keke is, at some point, it will break down and need spare part change. That’s where you will appreciate buying a Keke with its parts readily available.

One of the surest way to buy a Keke Napep that its spare parts are available is buying a known brand used in your community.

By doing that, you are assured someone in the community sells parts for your Keke Napep in case it breaks down. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to own a Keke that getting its spare parts is highly tasking.

  • Budget

In simple English, how much do you have to spend on a Keke? That will go along way in determining the Keke you will eventually buy.

There’s no way out, you either buy Keke Napep within your budget or increase your budget to accommodate more choices.

However, don’t compromise on price and buy what you will end up regretting.

  • Durability

How strong and durable is the Keke? Does it have second hand value? How often will I need to service it? These are questions you’re expected to ask before buying any Keke Napep. Failure to do so, if unfortunate might put you in regrets later.

Prices Of Keke Napep In Nigeria Today

Fairly Used Keke Napep Prices in Nigeria (2020)

  • Bajaj Tricycle = N200, 000 – N350, 000
  • Piaggio Tricycle (Diesel Engine) = N250, 000 – N350, 000
  • Daylong Tricycle = N180, 000 – N300, 000
  • TVS Tricycle = N180, 000 – N350, 000
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Brand New Keke Napep Prices in Nigeria Today (2020)

  • Bajaj Tricycle = N600, 000 – N850, 000
  • Piaggio Tricycle (Diesel Engine) = N550, 000 – N700, 000
  • Daylong Tricycle = N500, 000 – N600, 000
  • TVS Tricycle = N580, 000 – N650, 000

The above are the latest prices of Keke Marwa in Nigeria today


  1. I am interested to import 2 wheeler and 3 wheeler motorcycle, kindly advise me on the price FOB and Freight charges from port of origin of motorcycle to Apapa Port. This would help me in making order arrangements.

  2. I am interested, please link me to a dealer. I want to be a Sales representative or agent in my area, what is going to cost me.


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