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5 Popular Nigerian Comedians on YouTube & Instagram (2020)


It is no surprise that comedians in Nigeria that are on Instagram have uploaded their funny videos on YouTube and other social media platforms to gain more exposure.

Popular Nigerian Comedians on YouTube & Instagram

When you see the number of followers and subscribers on their YouTube channels, you would marvel at what these celebrities can achieve with the power of the social media. While not all popular, it still show that these upcoming stars still know how to humour their audience while boosting their brand to the public.

Here are top 5 Nigerian Comedians on YouTube & Instagram today

Broda Shaggi

Also known as Nigeria’s finest area boy, Broda shaggi is a rising star whose comedy skit videos on YouTube has risen to more than 500 thousand views. You can also see that he is an instagram star and is also active on Facebook.

As at the time of writing this post, Broda Shaggi has more than 8,000 active followers and lots of short funny videos. You can subscribe to official BRODA SHAGGI on YouTube or follow him on instagram @brodashaggi_fanpage.

Lasisi Elenu

He is another popular Nigerian comedian on Instagram whose funny videos has attracted more than 20,000 followers on his instagram page.

Lasisi Elenu’s instagram handle is @lasisielenu while you can subscribe to his YouTube fan page or see his videos HERE.

Real House Of Comedy

These are a group of young promising act who use their talents wisely to make people laugh. If you are the type that like Warri or Edo kind of funny acts mixed with street actions, then the real house of comedy videos will keep you entertained.

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They have about 15 thousand followers on their Instagram page and about 60 thousand YouTube subscribers. To see their latest videos, check the official realhouseofcomedy while their instagram link is @thespain_nozy.


He is among the pioneers of short comedy skit and Klintton videos are very funny and hilarious that you would forget your pain and stress while you watch it.

His popular signature in his videos “Ooonkayyn” in trying to mimick the British accent would make you laugh. You can follow Kilntoncod on snapchat: klintoncod or IG: @klintonCod. To watch his latest YouTube videos see here. He has about 9,000 subscribers on his channel and up to 30k followers on Instagram page.


This is by far the most popular Nigerian comedian on Youtube made up of young Mark Angel, Emanuella and Dennilson. These three have risen to celebrity stardom and would be considered among the richest comedians in the nearest future.

MarkAngelComedy Videos on YouTube has surpassed 13 million views each. You can follow this link to watch the latest MarkAngelcomedy Videos.

There are others too not mentioned in this write-up, but we promise to update it with more names as we deem fit.

See this funny mark angel video below


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