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Top 10 Popular Blogs in Nigeria (2022)

This article on the top 10 popular blogs in Nigeria are owned by bloggers that over the years have worked extra hard to build a brand for themselves and whose blogs receives thousands and million of visits.

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Popular Blogs in Nigeria 2022

Although, the traffic stats of these popular Nigerian blogs are overwhelming, one cannot deny the fact that the reason for their success is as a result of the commitment and dedication they put into blogging in Nigeria.

In no particular order, these are the blogs that are popular in Nigeria this 2022 based on their alexa ranking which is measured by the amount of visits they get on both daily and monthly basis.

Legit.ng (Naij)

Formerly called Naij.com, Legit.ng is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria that has a good amount of traffic and are among the top website in Nigeria due to their popularity on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

They came into the online space and have conquered it. Although, their headlines are always tricky with the content not reeling out what the headline connotes.


This website is owned by Linda Ikeji, one of the richest bloggers in Nigeria and is rated as the best gossip & entertainment blog in the country.

Ranked 38th most visited site in Nigeria by alexa.com, Linda Ikeji’s blog traffic source is direct and also from social media. In the past, her blog was known to post controversial stories about celebrities, musicians, and footballers.

There was a time when Linda and Wizkid had a beef as she allegedly published a story on her blog stating that a mansion which Wizkid claimed to be his wasn’t his.

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While no one can give an actual figure as to how much is Linda Ikeji’s blog worth, we know that at an estimated value, it would be worth 1 million USD. She makes cool money from her blog as she monetized it with Google adsense, sponsored  articles and even direct advertisement.


Bella Naija is rated as one of the well designed and easy to navigate Nigerian blogs this 2022. This website has what it takes to be among the best in the country.

As of writing this post, the traffic of Bellanaija.com is ranked as 328th website in Nigeria. Navigating through the various categories, you would find the news, music, events, nollywood and even wedding section fun and entertaining.

One thing about this blog is that aside from being popular, it is regularly updated.


Nairaland is the most popular Nigerian forum created and owned by Seun Osewa. Although, not seen as a blog, this online forum is even seen as the biggest online community in Africa.

As of November, 2022, Nairaland traffic stats include over 7,100,775 unique visitors, 34,244,366 visits and 235,362,552 monthly page views.

There was a time a foreign company approached Seun to sell Nairaland.com, but he declined. That time, his website was worth $1.5 million as compared to now.

Currently, Nairaland is ranked 9th most visited website in Nigeria according to alexa ranking and makes millions every month. There are mods in the forum such as lalasticlala, etc.


Bet9ja is the 3rd most visited site in the country this 2022 and you already know why.

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Nigerians will always visit any website that would add value to their lives especially financially.

As of today, Bet9ja is the best betting site in the country today having more than 50 million unique visitors every month. Aside referral traffic, they use direct visits as their source since almost all youths have bookmarked this site.


360 nobs is a music blog that is also popular. It was founded Noble Igwe, one of the highest paid bloggers in Nigeria in 2010.

This popular Nigerian blog is an entertainment and lifestyle website that gives you all the latest news and information you need to know.


Naijaloaded is the most popular music blog in Nigeria for music promotions. Founded by Azeez, it is ranked 12th in the country and 2519 in the world.

The site is easy to navigate and has valuable information and latest news on their online platform. They are also popular on Facebook and other social media networks.


Naijasinglegirl is a very entertaining blog owned by an anonymous personality based in Nigeria. According to her,  she is on a quest to find a good man, a good job, good food, good money and all other good things life has to offer.


Gossip Mill Nigeria was first founded in 2010 by Nigerian Blogger Somto Precious Monanu.

Gossip Mill Nigeria has since been a big success on social media gathering over 4Million fans on our Facebook fan page alone.

Gossip Mill Nigeria is arguably one of the most visited blogs in Nigeria this 2022.

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Nigerian Infopedia

This is another website that deals with a wide variety of information that Nigerians can relate to and is one of the best authority blogs around.

The above are the most visited and popular websites in Nigeria in no particular order


  1. Well done Chizoba.

    Nice to have an updated list like this, considering that most of the current lists of popular blogs in Nigeria are quite outdated.

    In subsequent posts, adding popularity metrics will also go a long way in authenticating the list. All the same, it was a nice read really.


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