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Top 5 Poorest Tribes in Nigeria (2020)


The poorest Nigerian tribes

Poorest states in NigeriaIn Nigeria, there are three major ethnic groups (Igbo, Yourba and Hausa/Fulani) with about 300 different tribes. These Nigerian tribes are existent in the 36 states in Nigeria. But which among them is the poorest Nigerian tribe?

No one can deny that Nigeria is a wealthy country. We listed 5 richest Nigerian states that can even survive without help from the Federal Government. That being said, the poorest Nigerian tribes and states are areas and villages that are vulnerable and have been left neglected by the Nigerian government for donkey years. These tribes lack basic social amenities, welfare, good health care system, increase death rates e.t.c all which form the criteria of poverty in Nigeria

These criteria are the most prevalent that shows the poverty rate in tribes of Nigeria. Now, lets look at the states in Nigeria that are poor according to the National Bureau of Statistics poverty ratings

Table Showing the Poorest states in Nigeria 2020

National Bureau of Statistics poverty ratings
Zamfara 70.8%
Kebbi 72.0%
Bauchi 73.0%
Ebonyi 73.6%
Plateau 74.1%
Jigawa 74.1%
Gombe 74.2%
Adamawa 74.2%
Katsina 74.5%
Sokoto 81.2%

The poorest tribes in Nigeria 2020

From the above table, we can see the level of poverty within Nigeria states, lets now see the poorest ethnic groups, living on the territory of the country.

  1. Igbo. After the Civil War, people of this ethnicity continued to suffer. Although they boast of rich business men, they are seen struggling for their rights. They are still neglected by their various state government. That’s why they have become one of the poorest tribes in the whole country. Many Igbos had to move from their native places to the west because of the lack of infrastructure, poor business environment and other facilities.
  2. Yoruba. This is another great ethnicity of the country. But many people claim that the youths in this tribe are really poor. This is because of the bad leaders in this region. Apart from Lagos, they do not have access to all the modern facilities, such as, for instance, roads. Though many of them are creative and intelligent, they are neglected and badly treated by the government.
  3. Fulani. This group lives in such states, as Plateau. And as you know, it is very liable to clashes, herdsmen and terrorist attacks, which have made this tribe not very rich. They are the poorest tribe in the country today.
  4. Hausa. Just like the Fulani’s, they also live in the most suffering states, such as Sokoto. Thus, it is impossible to avoid poverty in such case.
  5. Kanufi. They are one of the biggest tribes as well. And they occupy the most suffering lands. This fact has added them into our list.
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Nigeria is vast and is still a developing nation with various problems, among which includes economic and security problems. There are much more causes of such high poverty rate in many states. These include corruption, ethnic clashes, economic instability, among others. All these must stop so that the tide may change for tribes in Nigeria.

Among all these tribes listed above, the Hausa and Fulani speaking tribes are the poorest tribes in Nigeria even though they boast of having wealthy business men and also control political power in the country.

Reference: Naij.com


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