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How to Pay For Facebook Ads in Nigeria (2022)

Advertising your business on Facebook can help you get that needed exposure to help sell that particular product you wish to promote. Facebook ads helps present your business or product to the right target if you know how to select the target audience properly.


Since Facebook is the biggest social media network with more than 1 billion followers, it would only make sense that business owners utilize this platform, not only to sell but in reaching out to others for businesses.

You can tap into this trend and make money via Facebook ads. If you are looking for information on how to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria, this post will provide you with details on how to do just that.

Problems Faced by Nigerians When Trying To Run Ads on Facebook

Below are certain challenges faced by Nigerians trying to pay for Facebook ads:

  • Unable to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria with the Naira denomination. This has been rectified by Facebook recently as they now accept Naira as opposed to before when it was not permitted.
  • How to create Facebook adverts to meet the right target audience.
  • ATM card restrictions by Nigerian banks

How To Pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria using Naira

Paying for your Facebook advert using Naira is now possible with two methods. The fist method is via your Domiciliary account or through payment agents in Nigeria.

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If you have a dorm account, you can request for a dollar card which you would have to add to your Facebook payment data base so as to make necessary payments for the Facebook ads.

The other method is to use trusted online payment agents. They will help you make payment when you send the Naira equivalent of the amount you want to pay Facebook. Although, they charge. You should consider the cheapest one among the list of these service providers.

Using PayPal payment method

You can also pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria directly using PayPal. It is no more news that PayPal currently allows Nigerians to own and fund PayPal account. By linking your bank account to your PayPal, this can be done easily.

To use PayPal as a means of payment on Facebook, you would have to add the PayPal account to your Facebook payment account page. This method is quick as you can use the fund transferred into the PayPal account to pay for Facebook ads easily.

Using your debit card

If you want to use debit MasterCard, there are two banks in Nigeria that supports payment for Facebook ads using the conventional debit cards.

These banks include FCMB and GTBank.

You can use their debit MasterCard to make payment for your Facebook adverts. The only pitfall is that they limit you to the Naira equivalent of $100 a month. Please note that you would be charged the equivalent in Naira as the flunctuation between the Naira and Dollar might be the stumbling block.

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New Info: As for debit card, you have to use a dollar card. I use a GT Dollar card to advertise on Facebook and they charge the Naira equivalent.

Hope this information helps.


  1. Let’s talk about a little bit of Facebook vocabulary, because to people who have never done this before, custom audiences, Lookalikes can be kind of overwhelming.

    But really, when you understand it, it’s not that bad.

    Custom Audience:
    So custom audiences you can make from pretty much anything, right? You can say, make me a custom audience of everyone who’s viewed my order page, but has not viewed my thank you page.

    Lookalike Audience:
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    Once you have enough people who like your page, you can create what’s called a look alike audience of those people who like your page.

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  2. Thanks for this, I used the paypal method.
    Please I only linked my debit card. Hope it will function effectively and it is a First Bank Mastercard, hope this will function effectively.

  3. Thank you for this. I started advertising on instagram a few days ago and I have been unable to pay the money I owe, if I use this method through Facebook will it clear my instagram account and will the ads continue running on instagram?

  4. i just tried zenith card to make payment of face book ad and it went through immediately, GTB and first bank naira cards declined

  5. I have been using Naira master Card and it looks like the rate is high. My question is does changing to paypal option give any added advantage?

  6. So, I was able to fund the account to run the ad, however, it keeps telling me the ad cannot be carried out because I need to log into the email I registered with or something like that.

  7. Other countries you can run facebook add with any bank card, but selective in Nigeria because of too much fraud and scam in Nigeria


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