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Pascal Dozie Biography & Net Worth (2022)


Pascal Gabriel Dozie is a Nigerian Business Leader and Investment Guru. He is a native of Egbu in the northern part of Owerri, Imo State of Nigeria, born on December 9, 1939.


Dr. Dozie studied at London School of Economics, where he earned his degree in Economics, and then a Masters in Administration from City University in London in 1963.


After his education, Pascal Dozie Dozie set up his own consultancy, the African Development Consulting Group in Lagos Nigeria. As a matter of fact, Pascal never worked for anyone. He was very fortunate to gather a lot of consultancies from big companies including Nestle and Pfizer.

He later founded and is a Non-Executive Partner at African Capital Alliance. He is also the founder of and the Chairman of Kunoch Limited. Among all the companies he has founded, Dr Pascal Dozie is best known for his role as the founder and former Chairman of Diamond Bank Plc.

Diamond Bank idea came to Pascal, when as a careful observer, he identified the problems the Igbo businessmen faces. In the 1980s a simple idea came to him which opened up the road to real riches.

Dozie noticed that traders from the remote villages in the South-east of the Nigeria, where he grew up, were facing the problem of carrying huge bundles of cash when they travel to Lagos for business. Sometimes, they are waylaid by rogues on the road. This prompted Dozie to pioneer electronic transfers in Nigeria so traders could transfer their cash to Lagos by electronics means instead of having to carry it.

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It was this singular step that saw the creation of Diamond Bank, which opened its doors to business in the year 1991. When the bank started, it operated from a third floor office in Victoria Island with twenty people and $5million.

Pascal Dozie was the Chairman of the Board of MTN Nigeria, the biggest telecoms firm in Nigeria. His other business investments and interests include ADIC Insurance Limited and Aluminium Extrusion Industries PlC. Pascal Dozie is a former Director of the Central Bank of Nigeria and one time President of the Nigerian Stock Exchange and until recently, he was Chairman of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group.


Pascal Dozie is married to Chinyere Dozie and they have five children and more than 10 grandchildren.

Net Worth

Pascal Dozie who is among the richest men in Imo state and Nigeria net worth is estimated at $1 Billion USD according  to Forbes this 2022.



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