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Official Nigeria Police Help Lines and Emergency Phone Numbers


The official Nigeria Police help lines or emergency phone numbers are now available to the public to contact the Nigerian Police Force for response on emergency cases that involves their swift response.


An emergency is any situation that requires immediate and quick assistance from the police, the fire department or even an ambulance. In the United States of America for example, the general emergency number for such situations is 911, which most Nigerians have confused it to be the official Nigerian Police help lines and emergency contact number.

In Nigeria, the general emergency phone number is 112 or 199 and these help lines can be called in any state, street, local government or area in Nigeria where an emergency situation that needs the attention of the police, fire department or ambulance service persists.

These help lines listed below will enable Nigerians in troubled situations contact the Nigerian Police Force directly and easily from any wired or wireless phone when there is need for cases especially theft which is one of the most rampant crimes in Nigeria.

Below is a list showing the official Nigerian Police help lines and emergency contact phone numbers of the 36 states in Nigeria.

S/No.State CommandEmergency Phone Number
1ABIA08035415408 08079210003 08079210004 08079210005
3AKWA IBOM08039213071 08020913810
4ANAMBRA07039194332 08024922772 08075390511 08182951257
5BAUCHI08151849417 08127162434 08084763669 08073794920
7BENUE08066006475 08053039936 07075390677
8BORNO08068075581 08036071667 08123823322
9CROSS RIVER08133568456 07053355415
11EBONYI07064515001 08125273721 08084704673
12EDO08037646272 08077773721 08067551618
13EKITI08062335577 07089310359
14ENUGU08032003702 08075390883 08086671202
15FCT ABUJA07057337653 08061581938 08032003913
16GOMBE08150567771 08151855014
17IMO08034773600 08037037283
18JIGAWA08075391069 07089846285 08123821598
20KANO08032419754 08123821575 064977004 064977005
21KATSINA08075391255 08075391250
22KEBBI08038797644 08075391307
23KOGI08075391335 07038329084
24KWARA07032069501 08125275046
25LAGOS07055462708 08035963919
26NASARAWA08123821571 07075391560
27NIGER08081777498 08127185198
28OGUN08032136765 08081770416
29ONDO07034313903 08075391808
30OSUN08075872433 08039537995 08123823981
31OYO08081768614 08150777888
32PLATEAU08126375938 08075391844 08038907662
33RIVERS08032003514 08073777717
34SOKOTO07068848035 08075391943
35TARABA08140089863 08073260267
36YOBE07039301585 08035067570

Update 2019: Nigerian police Lagos command emergency numbers

With the #Endsars campaign going on plus the various reported cases of Police harassment flooding the social media, the current commissioner of police in Lagos has released 10 hot lines to call and report any misconduct of its officers. This numbers have been made public.

These are the numbers to call should any police officer harass you in any part of Lagos state

  1. 08067945296
  2. 08063025274
  3. 08063104759
  4. 08113615350
  5. 08113683077
  6. 08096283148
  7. 08096283173
  8. 08089781657
  9. 08126404930
  10. 08081426895


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