Home Companies Official FedEx Nigeria Contact Address & Phone Number

Official FedEx Nigeria Contact Address & Phone Number

Are you looking for how to contact FedEx Nigeria, phone number and address details in Lagos, Nigeria, this post will provide you with details of the best courier service agency in Nigeria, FedEx.


FedEx just like UPS and DHL Nigeria is one of the most proficient courier agencies in Nigeria today that has been in operation for a long time, offering first class fast delivery services and has been the choice of many who wants to transport packages by air, sea or land. FedEx has several operation centers in Nigeria that you can contact to ship your goods.

Although, FedEx operate internationally, this company can help transport your parcels and packages safely to any country world wide at a cheap and reasonable rate if you patronize them. If you are shipping your goods in and out of Nigeria, FedEx customer care service in Nigeria is also top notch as they make it very easy for their clients to track items being shipped. You are immediately provided with a tracking number when you register the package to be shipped, delivering items fast whether it is to an international or local location.

To learn more about FedEx, their operations, shipping fees, policies, visit their website at www.FedEx.com or you can contact FedEx Nigeria Customer care service phone number at +23412714747.

FedEx Nigeria Offices in Lagos (Addresses, Phone Number & Email)

FedEx Nigeria office are not that much as most of FedEx operation centers in Nigeria are based in Lagos. Below is the list of FedEx courier services offered in Lagos.

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1. Fedex Express Courier & Shipping Services

2. FedEx Courier Service

3. Fed Express Freight Forwarding Service

4. Fedex Red Star Express Courier Service

5. Fedex Express Courier Service

The Address of FedEx Red Star Express is 70, International Airport Road Mafoluku, Lagos.
Phone Number is +23412714747
Email: [email protected]
Customer Service Hours
Monday to Friday: 0800-1800
Saturday: 1000-1400
Public Holidays: 1000-1400


  1. Please I need to confirm the authenticity of a package before confirming delivering,can I get a number in Lagos that is going through to help track if the said item is in Nigeria or not,the landline number is not going through.

  2. FedEx Sucks.
    Its is now taking more than two weeks to deliver a parcel from Benin to Abuja..

    University of Benin has chosen CourierPlus because you FedEx sucks


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