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Nigerian Customs Ranks: Structure of The Nigerian Customs Service


The ranking of officers in the Nigerian Customs Service is quite different from what is obtainable in other para-military organizations in Nigeria. The salary structure of Nigerian customs also depends on the level of the officer.

Nigeria customs ranks and salary

In case you want to start a career or get recruited into the Nigerian customs, it is better you know all about the ranks structure of the Nigerian Customs Service which will guide you in case of are asked during an interview.

According to the official website of the Nigerian Customs service, the highest rank in the Nigeria Customs Service is the Comptroller-General who heads the activities of the service and he/she is the highest paid in the service.

He is assisted by six (6) Deputy Comptrollers-Generals (second in command in the ranking of the Nigerian customs) heading the departments as follows:

  • Finance Administration and Technical Service
  • Tariff & Trade
  • Enforcement, Investigation, and Inspection
  • Strategic Research & Policy
  • Human Resource Development
  • Excise, FTZ and Industrial Incentives

After the Deputy Comptroller-Generals, next in the hierarchy of ranks in the Nigerian Customs is the Assistant Comptroller-Generals heading each division under them followed by the Comptrollers who sees over affairs of each unit under these divisions.

ACG (Headquarters) reports directly to the Comptroller-General along with the heads of some Special Units in addition to 4 Assistant-Comptroller-General (ACG) in the zones that coordinate the area commands under their respective jurisdictions.

From the above explanations, the official NCS rank structure includes:

  1. Comptroller-General (CG)
  2. Deputy Comptrollers-Generals  (DCG)
  3. Assistant Comptroller-Generals  (ACG)
  4. Comptrollers

The picture below clearly shows you the ranks/organisational structure of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS)


Those are the Nigerian Customs Ranks as seen in the NCS website while their salary structure has not being made public yet



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