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Nigeria Immigration Ranks and Salary Structure (Official)

The Nigeria Immigration salary structure is paid according to the ranks in the NIS. For example, a graduate with B.SC is expected to earn more salary than an Immigration officer with WAEC. This post will list the ranks in Nigerian immigration and their salaries.

Insignia of Nigeria Immigration

The NIS was cut out from the Nigerian Police officially in 1958 with the main purpose of managing the immigration policy in Nigeria. It is the duty of immigration officers to validate and administer passports to citizens. That is why the NIS job is one of the most sought after jobs in Nigeria.

The salary structure of the Nigeria Immigration is just like that of Customs, Police, NSCDC and other paramilitary agencies and organizations but different from those of the Army, Navy and Air force. This is so because it is based on the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS). The information on how much each of these armed bodies earn is not easy to come by, especially their high ranking officers.

Ranks in Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS)

Below are how officers are ranked in the NIS from the highest to the lowest rank

  • Comptroller General Immigration Service;
  • Assistant Comptrollers General;
  • Superintendent of Immigration;
  • Assistant Superintendent of Immigration;
  • Senior Inspector of Immigration;
  • Assistant Inspector of Immigration;
  • Immigration Assistant;
  • Passport Officers;

Nigeria Immigration Salary Structure

The Nigerian immigration salary range sees the Comptroller General salary (highest rank in the service) earn up to N3million in a year while Passport officers starting salary can be as little as 30,000 Naira per month. On average, the average salary a Nigeria Immigration officer will earn as a graduate should be N150,000 in a month with other benefits and bonuses attached.

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For those who want to apply for positions in the service, should know that recruitment into the NIS is normally a yearly exercise and is usually published on newspapers and also on the immigration’s recruitment website. It is free as you would not be expected to pay money to anyone if you want to join Nigeria Immigration.

If you apply with your WAEC certificate, the rank you would start as a Passport officer, but if you join as a graduate, you start as an Assistant Inspector of Immigration. With this information on Immigration salary scale,you can still see that its officers are still under-paid when compared to other forces in the country


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