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36 States in Nigeria and their Slogan (New)


In one of our post, we listed the 36 states and capital according to their Geo-political zones. In this post, we out-listed the 36 states in Nigeria and their slogan including the F.C.T.

All 36 Nigerian states have their various slogans or motto they are known for. Most people don’t know this and we have decided to provide this information in this write-up.

Before we delve into the slogan of each of the thirty-six states in the country, note that the slogan or motto of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is Unity & Faith, Peace & progress.

If you are looking for information on new slogan of states in Nigeria, we hope you find the information here useful. Below are Nigerian states and capital and their various slogan (new). Nicknames are also below

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36 States in Nigeria and their Slogan

1ABIAUmuahiaGod’s own State
2ADAMAWAYolaFormerly Land of Beauty, Sunshine and Hospitality

New Slogan: Highest peak of the nation

3AKWA IBOMUyoLand of promise
4ANAMBRAAwkaFormer slogan: Home for all

New slogan: Light of the nation

5BAUCHIBauchiPearl of Tourism
6BAYELSAYenegoaThe Glory of All Lands
7BENUEMakurdiFood basket of the Nation
8BORNOMaiduguriHome of peace
9CROSS RIVERCalabarThe people’s paradise
10DELTAAsabaFormer slogan: The Big Heart

New slogan: The Finger of God

11EBONYIAbakalikiThe salt of the Nation
12EDOBenin CityThe Heart Beat of the Nation
13EKITIAdo-EkitiFormer slogan: Fountain of Knowledge

New slogan: Land of honour and integrity

14ENUGUEnuguCoal City State
15GOMBEGombeJewel in the Savannah
16IMOOwerriformerly Land of Hope, new slogan is Eastern heartland
17JIGAWADutseThe New World
18KADUNAKadunaFormerly Liberal State, new slogan is Centre of learning
19KANOKanoCentre of Commerce
20KATSINAKatsinaState of Hospitality
21KEBBIBirni KebbiLand of Equity
22KOGILokojaThe Confluence State
23KWARAIlorinThe state of Harmony
24LAGOSIkejaCentre of Excellence
25NASARAWALafiaThe home of Solid Minerals
26NIGERMinnaThe power State
27OGUNAbeokutaThe Gateway State
28ONDOAkureThe sunshine State
29OSUNOshogboOld slogan: State of living spring

New slogan: Land of virtue

30OYOIbadanThe pace setter State
31PLATEUJosHome of peace and tourism
32RIVERSPort HarcourtTreasure base of the Nation
33SOKOTOSokotoSeat of the Caliphate
34TARABAJalingoNature’s gift to the Nation
35YOBEDamaturuOld slogan: The young shall grow

New slogan: Pride of the sahel

36ZAMFARAGuasauOld slogan: Home of Agricultural Products

New slogan: Farming is our pride

37FCTAbujaCentre of Unity

Nicknames of Some Nigerian States and their slogans

Some states in Nigeria have been given nicknames in which they are known for. Some say these nicknames or new slogan are not befitting for these states as they do not live currently to their bidding.

Edo State

The Nick name for Edo state is Heart Beat of the Nation

Abia State

Abia state is nicknamed God’s Own State. Some people believe that due to the dirty nature of Aba, the commercial city of Abia State, the slogan should not be beffitting for the state. Aba is not the only dirty city in Nigeria.

Bayelsa State

The state was formerly nicknamed Pride of the Nation. The new sligan for Bayelsa state is Glory of all lands.

Niger State

Nickname of the state is The Power State.

Borno State

Nickname of the Borno state is Home of Peace, but Boko Haram turned it to a home of terror


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