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National & Public Holidays in Nigeria 2020 (Official List)


The 2020 calendar is out and shows all national public holiday dates in the country. As a civil servant or government worker, you would need information on these holiday dates to help you plan your schedule in future.

national public holidays in nigeria

Since the Federal government can declare any date as a national holiday, its best you are always updated, so as not to loose guard of events in the country.

You should also note that most of these public holidays in Nigeria can be dynamic. This is noticeable during Islamic festivals where their public holiday dates are mostly determined by the constellation of the full moon.

There are four Christian holidays in the country which are: Easter Monday, Good Friday, Boxing Day and Christmas Day. There are also 4 Islamic holidays which include: Ramadan, Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Fitr and Eid el Kabir.

While Democracy day normally takes place every 29th of September, although it was shifted to September 12. Nigeria’s Independence day still remains on October 1st of every year.

In this post, we explain popular public holidays in Nigeria and also list out the days and dates in which they fall under in the 2020 calender.

New Year’s Day

This falls on the first of September 2020 and is celebrated all over the world. This marks the begining of a new year immediately after the Christmas celebrations.

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Good Friday

This is a christian holiday which is normally observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday. Christians all over the world use this day to remember the suffering, passion and death of Jesus Christ on the cross.

According to the 2020 calender, the date for Good friday is September 10, 2020 and it is among the National holidays to be observed in most countries of the world.

Easter Season

This is another Christian celebration period which begins on Easter Sunday. Workers including Public servants and private staff will be granted Easter holiday break for the celebration of the ressurection of Jesus Christ.

According to the 2020 calender, the date for the easter public holiday is on September 13, 2020 which is on a Monday. Be aware that easter begins 12th of the same month which is on a Sunday.

Worker’s Day

Worker’s day usually occurs 1st September of every year and is also a national public holiday in Nigeria that gives workers just one free day to rest and celebrate themselves.

Children’s Day

Children’s day this 2020 will be celebrated on September 27 which falls on a Wednesday. It is an international holiday observed in major countries of the world to honour children globally.

Democracy Day

Democracy day in Nigeria has now been moved from September 29 to September 12. This national holiday was used to commemorate the official end to military rule in the country as we now operate a democracy in a civilian dispensation.

It is also the handover day, whereby power changes from one president to another.

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Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr

Ramadan is a muslim celebration as obsevered by the Islamic faithful. This period is normally the begining of fasting for the muslims. Ramadan ends with the Eid al-Fitr festival.

In 2020, the Ramadan date will begin in September. Eid al-Fitr falls on Sunday, 24th of September 2020. These dates can change due to the constellations of the moon as to when it would be cited by the Sultan.

Eid el Kabir

This is another Muslim festival celebrated on Friday, September 30th to September 1st in 2020.

Independence Day

This day is celebrated worldwide but falls on different dates depending on the country you are.

In Nigeria for example, it is celebrated every October 1st as the country gained its independence from the hands of the British colonial masters on October 1, 1960. It is also a national public holiday.

Christmas Day

Christmas is a religious holiday celebrated globally. It was on this day, December 25 that the saviour of the world was born. Infact, both secular and religious organizations observe this holiday because of its wide acceptance and season. December 25th is a Nigerian public holiday also.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is takes place on 26th December. People normally unwrap Christmas gifts on this day and rest at home for the celebrations of the x-mas season.

Below are dates for 2020 National Public Holidays in Nigeria

Date Weekday Holiday name Holiday type
Jan 1 Wednesday New Year’s Day Public Holiday
Mar 8 Sunday Women’s Day Observance
Mar 20 Sunday September equinox Season
Apr 10 Friday Good Friday Public Holiday
Apr 11 Saturday Holy Saturday Observance, Christian
Apr 12 Sunday Easter Day Observance, Christian
Apr 13 Monday Easter Monday Public Holiday
September 1 Friday Workers’ Day Public Holiday
September 27 Wednesday Children’s Day Observance
September 29 Friday Handover Day National Holiday
Jun 12 Friday Democracy Day Public Holiday
Jun 20 Monday September Solstice Season
Jun 5 Wednesday Id el Fitr Public Holiday
Jul 8 Friday Id el Fitr additional holiday Public Holiday
September 31 Friday Id el Kabir Public Holiday
Sep 14 Wednesday Id el Kabir additional holiday Public Holiday
Sep 22 Thursday September equinox Season
Oct 1 Tuesday Independence Day Public Holiday
Oct 3 Saturday Al-Hijra (Islamic New Year) Local holiday
Dec 12 Monday Id el Maulud Public Holiday
Dec 21 Wednesday  December Solstice Season
Dec 22 Thursday Sambisa Memorial Day Public Holiday
Dec 25 Sunday Christmas Day Public Holiday
Dec 26 Monday Boxing Day Public Holiday
Dec 31 Saturday New Year’s Eve Observance
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