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Full List of Churches in Nigeria & Founders

Christianity is one of the major religions in Nigeria and accounts for 48% of the general populace. As of today, Nigeria is most religious country in Africa and 2nd in the world.

List of Nigerian Churches And Their Founders

There are different church denominations in the country whose worship system differs from others. The similarity that exist between these Nigerian churches is that they claim to preach the Gospel and believe in Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity in the world.

Before the arrival of Pentecostal churches in the country, the first church in Nigeria was the cathedral church of St. Peters, Ake Abeokuta and it was an Anglican church. After this came the Roman Catholic church before other new generation churches sprang up.

In this post we list all churches in Nigeria and their founders, year of establishment and the current general overseer of these churches.

The Catholic Church is the richest church in the country with the highest number in terms of congregation. Founded by Christ himself, its headquarters is in Rome.

The Catholic church is currently headed by the Pope (Francis) who doubles as the Bishop of Rome and the head of the Vatican. This church has branches in every country of the world, state, towns and villages in Nigeria.

  • Church Of Nigeria

Also called the Anglican communion, this church traces its origin to the Church of England. Founded in 1842 by Henry Townsend during the colonial times, the number of those attending this church is on the increase.

In terms of population, there are about 18 million baptized Anglican church members in the country and they are divided into dioceses and parishes headed by Archbishops, Bishops, Venerable, etc.

As at today, there are 14 provinces in the Anglican church of Nigeria with its administrative headquarters, located in Abuja and headed by a Primate, Nicholas Okoh.

  • Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)

RCCG was established by Rev. Josiah Akindayomi in 1952 before the emergence of its current general overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, one of Nigeria’s most respected man of God.

As of today, in terms of congregation, the Redeemed Christian Church of God is the most populated pentecostal church in Nigeria and has the largest auditorium which is said to contain more than half of all its members. You can find about 5 Redeem churches in every street in Lagos state.

  • Living Faith Church Worldwide

Also called Winners Chapel by some of its members, Living Faith Church Worldwide was established in 1981 by Bishop David Oyedepo who is Forbes richest pastor in the world and its General Overseer.

This Pentecostal church is also among the popular churches in the country today and has a membership base of up to 1 million. The church’s auditorium is among the largest able to hold up to 300,000 persons during vigils or even prayer crusades.

  • Christ Embassy

Also on the list is Christ Embassy established by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in 1990. He is also the General Overseer and senior pastor of his congregation.

Christ Embassy has many branches around the country with its headquarters in Lagos. Pastor Chris is one of the most influential preachers of his generation and has written many spiritual books to his credit.

  • Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry

This Pentecostal church is also known as MFM, was founded in 1989 by Dr. Daniel Olukoya has been dully registered in the Christian Association of Nigeria.

This church is known for their fire brand prayer services and has a big church auditorium that can carry a capacity of about 400,000 persons during their crusades.

  • The Apostolic Church

Another registered church worthy of mention is the Apostolic church. Its founder Gabriel Olutola was a known man of God in his time.

Established in 1931, this is one of the oldest churches in Nigeria with many branches across the country and they can be found in various states.

  • Deeper Life Christian Ministry

Deeper life church was founded in 1982 by Dr. William. F. Kumuyi. The ministry started with 15 persons and now has over 900,000 members in attendance.

This is one of the best churches in the country who are known for their strict adherence to the bible teachings and dress code.

  • Commonwealth of Zion Assembly

Popularly known as COZA, this registered church is famous among the youths. COZA ministry was founded by Reverend Biodun Fatoyinbo in 1999 and has a wide outreach in the country.

  • Daystar Christian Center

This church is owned by a motivational speaker, Pastor Samuel Adeyemi. Over the years, the goal of this religious institution is to raise leaders for Christ who will take charge in preaching the Gospel of the Lord with boldness and power.

  • Synagogue Church Of All Nations

This Christian organization was established by Prophet T.B Joshua, one of the most powerful prophets in Nigeria that predicts the future. He is also its general overseer and is known for performing miracles.

The headquarters of his ministry is at Ikotun in Lagos state. It is said that SCOAN receives more than 15,000 people at the church’s premises for Sunday services alone, due to the fact that people from all walks of life wanting to see the man of God for miracles and healing.

  • Fountain of Life Church

This church was formerly among the popular churches in the country and was famous among the youths who were single.

It was founded by Late Dr. Bimbo Odukoya. While she was alive, she anchored a television program titled “Single & Married”

  • Cherubim and Seraphim (C&S)

Also called C&S, it was founded by Prophet Moses Orimolade Tuno in 1925. C&S has a large follower-ship in Nigeria.

It is among the oldest churches in the country that gave birth to other types of white garment churches in Nigeria.

  • Christ Apostolic Church (CAC)

Also among the biggest churches in Nigeria is Christ Apostolic Church which was established in 1941 by its founder Joseph Ayo Babalola. Today, the current G.O is Pastor A.O Akinosun.

It is also known as a white garment church or and the first Aladura Church in the country that has branches all over the world with various factions present in the organization.

  • Methodist Church of Nigeria

Methodist church is also one of the major churches in Nigeria was brought into the country by the British missionaries in 1842 but traces its origin to Wesley, its founder.

The current head of the Methodist church in Nigeria is Prelate Samuel Chukwuemeka Uche Kanu and they have many branches in various states of the country.

  • Salvation Ministries

Salvation ministries is a very popular Nigerian church. Established in 1997 by David Ibiyeomie who is also its current general overseer, their headquarters is located at Port Harcourt.

They have a Bible Institute where those who wish to enter into Christian religious life can enroll and become trained pastors in their various churches.

  • The Lord’s Chosen Christian Charismatic Movement

This is one of the new generational churches in Nigeria that broke away from the Catholic Church and has its headquarters in Lagos.

It was founded by Pastor Lazarus Muoka in 2002 and currently has a large population of break-away Catholics especially from the south-west and south-eastern region of the country.

  • Celestial Church Of Christ

This is another major white garment church in Nigeria which was established by Samuel Bilehou in 1947. He is also the church’s general overseer.

  • Nigerian Baptist Convention

This is also another ancient church you can find in Nigeria and traces its history to the time of the colonial masters. This Christian religious institution was founded by Baptist missionaries.

We can’t say if they are among the largest church in Nigeria but they have a large congregation, especially in the south-west. Baptist Church headquarters is located in Ibadan.

  • Royal House Of Grace International Church

This is another major church in Nigeria established by Apostle Zilly Aggrey in 1992. The current G.O is David Zilly Aggrey and its headquarters is situated in Port Harcourt.

These are all the registered churches we have in Nigeria that are popular in the country today.


  1. Have you heard of The Church of the Lord, founded in May 1925 by Prophet Josiah Olunowo Ositelu before. Her current Primate is Dr Rufus Ositelu.

    Make your research work complete.

  2. No mention of The Gospel Faith Mission International founded in 1955 by Pastor Reuben Akinwalere George, a major Pentecostal Church in Nigeria with Headquarters in Ojoo, Ibaban. The current General Overseer after the death of R.A George in 1987 is Pastor (Dr) Elijah Oludele Abina.

  3. Please can you give me 10 names of new generation churches in Nigeria
    Not Anglican, Catholic or Methodist or the likes 👏

    • The following are top 10 new generation churches in Nigeria today

      1. Gods’s Royal Assembly International

      2. Christ Embassy

      3. Winners Chapel or Living Faith Church

      4. New Foundation Church, Ikorodu, Lagos

      5. New Covenant of Christ Ministry

      6. New Life Miracle Church

      7. New Life Gospel Church, Ketu

      8. El-shaddia Ministries

      9. The Synagogue Church of All Nations

      10. Salvation Ministries

  4. This is to inform that The Church of the Lord formerly The Church of the Lord (ALADURA) was the one of the first African Initiated churches.
    It was founded in May 1925 by Prophet Josiah Olunowo Ositelu in Ogere Remo Ogun State.
    If you heard about the “GREAT REVIVAL” of 1930, this renowned revival was officiated by Baba Shadare of Precious Stone Church, Baba Ositelu of Church of the Lord and Baba Joseph Ayo Babalola.
    The ALADURA movement started in Ijebu-ode in 1918. By 1925, the movement comprised of Precious Stone Church, The Church of the Lord and Faith Tabernacle which later metamorphosed into The Apostolic Church (TAC) and the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC). The C & S later became part of the movement in 1929, while the CCC that was founded in 1947 became part of the movement in 1950.
    This is tendered for information. Thanks


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