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KPMG Nigeria Salary Structure: How Much KPMG Pay Workers (2021)


KPMG is of the best top firm to work for in Nigeria today. This is not just because KPMG salary structure or how much they pay their workers is huge but because you can build a career in KPMG once employed to this top auditing company in Nigeria.


KPMG is the short form of Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler. It has a good reputation for its professional service and auditing around the globe with its headquarters in Netherland. In Nigeria, the headquarters is located at Victoria Island Lagos. KPMG is at the top of the game when it comes to professional service networks together with three other big auditing companies: Deloitte, Ernst and Young (EY), and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). and they are referred to collectively as the Big Four Auditors. KPMG have partners all over the globe in about 147 countries of the world and KPMG in these countries are known as KPMG’s member firm.

KPMG Nigeria is the KPMG member firm operating in Nigeria and this firm has been in existence since 1978. The KPMG Professional Services and the KPMG Advisory Services in Nigeria offer their services to both local and international organizations within the business community. The company makes sure that everyone involved in business reach their full potential. They also provide an enabling environment for the staff to build a wonderful career. They have thousands of staff who are trained professionals, competent and dedicated. They provide advisory, audit and financial and tax services.

As a big financial organization, their salary structure would interest most job seekers. Every establishment has a chain command and KPMG is not left out. The staff receive good salaries with bonuses and some other added packages. In this organization, the hierarchy moves from the interns to the managers and the higher the rank, the higher the pay. Managers are paid the highest while the interns are paid the lowest.

In our subsequent post, we shall also release the staff salaries of other big international auditing companies operating in Nigeria like PWC, EY and Deloitte, so you could compare with what KPMG pays their staff on a monthly basis.

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KPMG Salary Structure in Nigeria (2021)

Below is salary structure of KPMG and how much they pay their workers on monthly and annual basis this 2021:

  • Intern: Interns in KPMG receive the lowest salary as they earn up to N37,500 monthly.
  • Analyst: KPMG analyst are paid about N120,667 monthly.
  • Senior Analyst: The average annual salary of the senior analysts is between N2.14 million and N2.6 million annually. This is between N180,000 and N216,000 monthly.
  • Audit Associate: This group are paid between N144,000 and N157,000 monthly.
    Associate: KPMG associates in Nigeria are paid about N2.16 million Naira to N2.36 million annually.
  • Trainee IT Consultant: KPMG trainee IT Consultant is being paid between N2.42 million and 2.58 million yearly.
  • Audit Senior Associate: The Audit Senior Associates earn up to N241,000 to N259,000 monthly and between N3.07 million and N3.37 million annually.
    Semi Senior Associate: A Semi Senior Associate at KPMG is being paid annually between N3.36 million to N3.63 million.
  • Advisory Associate: An Advisory Associate at KPMG may be paid annually between N3.85 million and N4.17 million.
  • Advisory Senior Associate: An Advisory Senior Associates earn about N5.48 million to N5.99 million annually.
  • Senior Associate: A Senior Associate in KPMG could earn about N5.59 million to N7.77 million yearly.
  • Manager: A KPMG manager in Nigeria earns between N12.6 million and N13.6 million annually.

KPMG Internship Program: Method of Selection

KPMG is a known auditing firm in fact one of the best places to work in Nigeria today. They have good salary structure and offer paid internship programmes and good graduate trainee salary structure.

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KPMG runs an Internship program which aims at providing challenging opportunities for talented undergraduate and graduate students from various institutions. They offer their interns a sound knowledge of operational environment of KPMG as a service firm.
The Internship Program also provide an opportunity for sound experience. It is equally aimed at bringing out the best in young individuals and supporting them to reach their full potentials.

KPMG has an inclusive culture to make sure that the interns feel welcomed and valued. The organization makes sure that the interns have enough responsibilities, opportunities and support needed. The intern on the other hand would learn to work on client projects and improve on their technical skills. They will work with the industry experts to learn how the firm functions and do their business.

The Interns are allowed to work on both Practice and non- Practice divisions depending on their areas of interest and how they make themselves available to the unit. They work with experienced professionals across various the units and divisions and could be absorbed into the firm later on.

KPMG Undergraduate Internship Programme

Step 1: Online Application Form

The form should be filled correctly on the company website and the individual would need to fill his/her profile and also their academic qualification and work experience.

Step 2: Online Essay Assessment

As soon as the application is reviewed, the applicant will be mailed an essay question centered around the Core values of the firm which is to be completed and sent back as stated in the question. This is to ascertain if the applicant’s values align with that of the firms.

Step 3: Telephone Interview

After reviewing the essay, a telephone interview is scheduled with a recruiter. The questions asked would be based competence, education and experience as stated in the CV.

Step 4: Offer Letter

Finally, if taken, an offer letter will be sent to the applicant, stating the applicants preferred unit with start and end dates.

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KPMG Graduate Internship Programme

Step 1: Fill Online Application Form

The form should be filled correctly on the company website and the individual would need to fill his/her profile and also their academic qualification and work experience.

Step 2: Aptitude Test

The aptitude test is structured to ascertain if the candidates and skilled and suitability for the job. The test is GMAT based.

Step 3: Situational Judgment Test

The situational Judgment Test (SJT) is used to assess how the applicant will approach potential real life scenarios as they present themselves within the KPMG workspace. For each situation, a number of answers will be provided and candidates must be able to identify the most effective course of action.

Step 4: Interview

The interview process comprises an: Assessment Center and One-on-One Interview, Different set of tasks and group activities will be given to test team spirit.

Step 5: Offer Letter

Finally, if taken, an offer letter will be sent to the applicant, stating the applicants preferred unit with start and end dates.

Compensation & Benefits

KPMG has a good compensation & benefits practice, the company support other organizations by providing rewarding strategies that encourage competitive advantage and employee engagement. KPMG also helps organizations identify special aspects of their business and map out reward systems, which connects the organization aspirations to their accomplishments

List of What KPMG Offers

  • Design of Remuneration Strategy
  • Board Remuneration Committee Support
  • Various Rewards Training Programmes
  • Merger & Acquisition Support
  • Gratuity Scheme Review and Management
  • Compensation & Benefits Surveys
  • Design of Short-Term Incentives (Bonus, Profit Sharing, etc.)
  • Pay Structure Design
  • Design & Administration of Equity Incentive Schemes
  • Provision of Loan Staff
  • Development of International Assignment

How to Contact KPMG in Nigeria

HEAD OFFICE: Center of excellence – KPMG Tower, Bishop Aboyade Cole Street, Victoria Island, Falomo, Lagos.

WEBSITE: www.kpmg.com
Tel: +23412718955
E-mail: [email protected]


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