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How To Rollover Unused Data to Your Next Subcription (2022)

This post will tell you how to rollover your unused data for next subscription for all Nigerian networks (MTN, AIRTEL NIGERIA, 9MOBILE & GLO)


Nigerians are either used to not finishing of their MB (megabyte) or data subscription and when the time frame of the current subscription expires without you finishing your MB or data, you feel bad.

As of writing this post, the best network with the cheapest data subscription is GLO as they recently released their cheapest subscription in Nigeria which has been the talk of the town. Although, GLO offers cheap data plans, MTN is still the most prefered, followed by Airtel, due to the speed of 4G interent in which these networks currently operate on.

No matter how cheap their data plan is, the questions Nigerians would need answers to would be- can I roll over my unused data subscription to the next month? Or can my remaining data be added to my new subscription? For example: if I have 2GB remaining from last month plan, would it be added to the next month plan when I renew it.

Well, the answer is YES!. Your remaining MB will be automatically added to your new plan but you would have to renew your current data subscription before the expiry date.

This works for MTN, GLO, 9Mobile and Airtel Networks in Nigeria.

How To Rollover Unused Data to Your Next Subcription on Any Nigerian Network

Whether it is MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, and 9MOBILE network, etc, your remaining data balance will be rolled over to your new plan automatically. You only have to renew your current data plan just before it expires.

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  1. If I subscribed to 2 GB data plan on airtel, then, before the end of the month changes to 1gb or 3gb monthly subscription, will the data bonus roll over?

  2. If I went for the subscription of 1.5gb to one week can it be renewed if I go for another subscription plan like 100mb to a day

  3. Comment:I sub 100 at 11:00 and at 12 my data was expired and this is not the first time airtel is doing this for me so I make complaint now because next time I will abandon it

  4. If I go for a two week subscription and it expires. Can I still roll over under data on my next sub which is two days after?

  5. Comment:Airtel have a lot of problems, am tired of them because
    they make me sick. I will soon abandon them just as okusote has said. Airtel you need to adjust how you lavish data’s and credit, and how you get someone’s data bundle expired.

  6. Hello, may i know the minimum recharge for airtel to keep my sim active. And how long before i should recharge again, like every 60, 90 days.

  7. I did Sunday subscription on my Glo network last week with the aim that I’ll reuse it today when it expired with more than 900mb and another complaint in that if I borrow data of [email protected]#500 Glo didn’t let me use the bonus of 550mb at midnight pls work on this or you’ll loose one customer

  8. If I subscribe for 24gig monthly plan and before the expiration I subscribed to a lower data bundle for the next month, will my insides data roll over?? Pls reply!!!

  9. My data expired,I subscribed again and it almost joined the expired data bundle,why is that a thing for God’s sake????????????


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