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How to Reset and Activate GOTV Decoder after Payment (Correct Method)

This post will serve as a guide on how to reset your GOTV or activate it easily once you made payment. Although, the GOTV decoder will be activated automatically after you have made payment, there are still times when you would need to reset GOTV manually if the automatic one doesn’t work.


Ways To Activate Your GOTV Decoder Manually

Below are three methods to activate your GOTV manually.

  • Through text message
  • By activating it online and
  • Using your Mobile phone.

How To Activate GOTV via Text message

To use the text message activation process, text ‘reset and Your GOTV account number to 4688. Your GOTV account number is located under the GOTV decoder.

How To Activate/Reset Using the Online Method

  1. On an internet enabled device, visit Eazy GOTV.
  2. Log into your GOTV account with your account number and surname.
  3. Select and Click the dialogue box “Clear your error”
  4. Then Clear the E16 error
  5. Click on “Reset device now” tab’ and you will reset GOTV decoder easily.

How To Activate/Reset Using Phone Method

For the phone activation process, you simply dial *423# on any network and speak with one of the GOTV customer service representative.

All the above processes should work when you have trouble activating/resetting your GOTV. If it still doesn’t work, you do not need to panic but call their customer care numbers to get the decoder activated.  The customer care number is 08039044688 or you visit GOTV’s official twitter or Facebook page where you can met a representative online that would reset the decoder for you.

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  1. My subscription is on for almost three days, but the TV info tell me that my account has been suspended, that they can’t find any channel of my country after the automatic scanning, my ICU is 7031506077 from Uganda, or can’t I please access the customer care helpline toll free service, thank

  2. I just recharged my gotv account but it does not reflect on my gotv account and I tried to clear the error through these methods and the response was that my account has been suspended
    IUC 7032040395

  3. I made a payment for this IUC no 7035171935 but not coming up since on the 05/06/2020 Saturday.
    Please act on it fast.

  4. Pls am Mr Abali David, I paid for my Gotv since 2nd of December 2020 and it yet to be active, kindly assist with it my IUC number is 2021951633

  5. Pls am Mrs Victoria, I paid for my Gotv on the 7th of December 2020 I have been trying to fix my Gotv for the past two weeks but to no avail iuc number 2009360295

  6. Please I subscribed my Gotv for 4 days now but it not resetting..
    I tried calling the customers care but its not connecting..
    Pls this is my IUC number 4613525525

  7. I subscribed my gotv today, and for over 3 hours now, the channels are yet to come up. Kindly reactivate my gotv. IUC number: 703 694 3259

  8. I made payments since yesterday till now it’s not showing i tried to call customer care not going pls this is my IUC no 4613658194

  9. I made a payment since last night, up till now my gotv hasn’t come up…pls what’s going on? This is my lUC number 2022571075

  10. I subscribe gotv Max and am seeing another thing the channels that made me to subscribe gotv Max are not showing and secondly how can I create account for my old gotv

  11. Good evening I just subscribed my GoTV with ICU number 7036992195 like 30 minutes ago but up now it is not working , I subscribed to jolli package 2460, I don’t know what is happening please kindly check the problem.

  12. I subscribe my gotv since 24 December this month and my gotv is not showing, what’s going on ? This is my iuc 7528336582

  13. I just recharged my gotv account but it does not reflect on my gotv account and I tried to clear the error through these methods and the response was that my account Still on expired and clear error 7035160431

  14. I have subscribed to my gotv account over 4days ago but still not activated please I need help on it my iuc code is 7545703932

  15. I have subscribed to my GOTV account since yesterday but it’s still not activating,it’s saying clear error pls my Iuc number is 2022084330

  16. I made a payment of 1900 for the past 3hours now, still my Gotv is not connecting…

    This is my IUC number, get back to me on time 8061686180

  17. I made a payment of 900 for gotv smallie today, still my Gotv is not connecting …. This is my IUC NO 7017663726

  18. I subscribe to my gotv since yesterday morning,and is not showing,pls kindly find something to do with it,dis is my Iuc number 8071414122


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