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How to Make DSTV Nigeria Online Payment (February, 2021)


Thanks to the internet, DSTV Nigeria Online Payment has now become easy and can be done anywhere that you do not need to visit any center or bank to make payment but stay within the confines of your home and office to recharge your DSTV decoder.

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This post provides a step to step guide how you can make your DStv nigeria payment online without problems such as disconnection from DSTV service. All you need have is your mobile phone connected to the internet and you are good to go.

Methods on How to Pay DSTV Subsriptions

The method or ways on how to pay for your DSTV monthly subscriptions includes:

  1. Mobile money such as First-monie via First Bank Nigeria, MTN mobile money e.t.c which works using an e-wallet system that helps you store your funds to make online payments electronically.
  2. Internet Banking such as GTBank Internet Banking
  3. Quickteller via Interswitch

Internet Banking: How to Pay DSTV Subscription using GTBank Internet Banking

STEP 1- You Log in to your GTBank Internet Banking Application or other platforms.

STEP 2- Click on payment options, then select the option for DSTV subscriptions.

STEP 3- Select your DSTV bouquet package and Quickteller.

STEP 4- Select your Account Biller Name, that is DSTV. After which you choose your utility or DSTV package type ( DSTV Access Bouquet, DSTV Premium, DSTV Compact,e.t.c)

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STEP 5- Enter the amount you want to subscribe for, your email, DSTV smart card Number, phone number and correctly answer your secret question that follows.

STEP 6-  Finally Select continue to punch in your GTBank token Number.

Quickteller: How to Pay DSTV Subscription using Quickteller

STEP 1- Login to the quick teller platform or App

STEP 2- Enter your DSTV smart card Number and any other details required by the platform.

STEP 3- Click the Next button to go to the billing page that provides you an option to make payment with your ATM card. At this point, you enter your ATM card details and bank token if required.

STEP 4- Wait for your request to process. it takes about 2-5 minutes.

How To Activate Your DSTV Subscription After Payment

You send your DSTV smart card number with this Code “RA” (without the quotes)  to the DSTV self-care number 30330.

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