How To Get Admission Outside Nigeria Easily (2021)


Its no surprise that studying abroad has been the choice of most people in Nigeria. This can be traced to the lack of quality education in the country. There exist many study abroad scholarships for undergraduates, masters and even PhD level.


All boils down to research. You can search online to find a cheap universities to study and gain admission outside the country as an African.

Since finance has been the problem that makes many people forget their dream of travelling out of Nigeria for study, you can apply for scholarships for Nigerian students online. If you have the money, you can apply directly without hassles.

Whatever the case might be, follow this step by step guide on how to get admission outside Nigeria easily

Steps on How To Get Admission Outside Nigeria Easily

Step 1: Choose A School And Course Of Study

This is the first step toward studying outside the country is by making a choice on the school and the course to study.

To some, due to monetary reasons, they choose countries they can afford to study in after then, they check the list of universities in that particular country and the available courses.

Step 2: Meet the Entry Requirements

Just like the universities in Nigeria, every other school in the world have its requirement that must be met before one is offered admission.

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The most important one is your SSCE (WAEC) certificate with 5 credits including mathematics and English Language.

If possible, enroll for a foundation course and strive to have at least 3.5 out of the 5 CGPA.

if you are going for postgraduate studies, you need a second-class upper division. However, some schools accept lesser qualifications.

If you are going to study in the United States of America, a proof of understanding of the Use of English Language must be submitted. This is done by taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

While you are applying for the admission, you should also be applying for a student visa. Your school of choice might even help out but not in all cases. You might also need a proof of fitness.

Generally, the requirement of every school and department differs.

Step 3: Make Your Application

After making sure you have all the requirement to study in the school you chose, proceed and submit your application on their websites.

The website is a helpful guide to you and you will need to get acquainted with it and visit it often for updates on your application.

If you need to be clear on anything, check their website and if it does not provide answer(s), send them an email.

While applying, you might consider applying for a scholarship which can either be full or partial.

After making your application, wait for a reply from the school because some schools provide scholarship for outstanding students to study abroad.

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