How To Enroll For HSE Training In Nigeria (2022)

HSE is the acronym for Health and Safety at work Environments. HSE training in Nigeria provides a framework for health and safety at workplaces i.e, places that are prone to a lot of risks such as the Oil and Gas companies, The Construction industries and nuclear industries.


HSE training is aimed at making work environments, safe and reducing the risk of health related problems while also avoiding law suits involving finance. Companies are most concerned when it comes to HSE, because it is to their advantage to have a safe working environments. Most organisations, organise this HSE training for all their staff to introduce them to these HSE regulations.

What HSE training can do for you?

The primary aim of HSE training is the health and safety of individuals in a risky environment. This HSE training is the responsibility of both employer and employee to undergo in order to work safely.

HSE training allows you to be familiar with your environment, health and safety in general

Where and How will you enroll for HSE Training in Nigeria?

It is imperial to note that HSE training is considered of a lesser standard than the NEBOSH training because a NEBOSH certificate is highly recognized, world wide.

The HSE trainings are divided in 3 modules: a. HSE Level 1 (Workplace Safety) b. HSE Level 2 (Risk Assessment) and HSE Level 3 (Environmental Managementt). As a graduate, you will start at the HSE Level 2 (Risk Assessment)

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Where can one obtain this HSE training in Nigeria

Below are trusted places and sites to obtain the HSE training:

NOVELLE CENTER LIMITED [email protected] 08063450509
LONADEK NIGERIA LIMITED [email protected] 0813 911 2519
Oil Train and Human resources [email protected] 08139377520
HYBRID CONSULTING LIMITED [email protected] 0803 656 3114


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