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How To Contact Facebook in Nigeria (2021)

Do you want to contact Facebook from Nigeria? You’re not alone and this post will show you how.


There are about 26 million active Facebook users in Nigeria. With this huge number of users, problems are bound to happen, you might need to get clarification about something.

In fact, there are different reasons people will want to contact Facebook. These reasons are so numerous that they just have to be classified.

Some of these classifications include;

  • Access: This is one of the reasons people contact Facebook. Probably, their access to the social media have been denied or disabled.
  • Account: Facebook account related issues are some of the most common issues faced by Facebook users. Their accounts may get disabled because Facebook felt they are not eligible to be on the social network and or, they have multiple account. Another account related issues is reporting an impostor’s account.
  • Ads: No doubt, one of the business model of Facebook is the Facebook ads and because of the revenue it generates for both Facebook and businesses that uses Facebook ads, there are bound to be questions and issues to be solved. Some of the enquiries are questions related to billing.
  • Children: Facebook consider children below the age of 13 as underage and not eligible for the social networking site. Parents whose children are on the network usually have a say on the children account if they can proof they are the parents to the child.
  • Copyright and Trademark issues: Needless to say, piracy had been one of problems faced by original creators, developers and writers. This problem has existed long before we were born, as it stands now, it does not show any sign of dying down. People everyday reports others for copyright infringement. On the other hand, others prove they didn’t copyright in cases their content is deleted by Facebook because of a copyright notice.
  • Logins and Emails: Daily, people also report problems related to Log ins and emails.
  • Privacy and rights: One major issue Facebook users is the issue of privacy. In fact, privacy is more important now than ever. Unfortunately, this is even more breached now that ever. This remains one of the top reasons people want to contact Facebook.
  • Photos and videos: One of the reasons people want to contact Facebook is to report issues related to pictures and videos. Usually, the issues reported under here usually have to do with privacy.
  • Payments and charges: For those that pay for promoting their brands, posts and Facebook groups and pages, they run into payments issues daily and usually contacts Facebook for clarification.

Whichever reason it is you want to contact Facebook for, there’s surely a way out. This article will be pointing out the two surest ways to contact Facebook from Nigeria easiy.


Ways to Contact Facebook in Nigeria

1. Using Facebook Help Centre

One of the most popular way of contacting Facebook is through the Facebook Help Centre.

For you to make use of this feature, you need to be logged in to your account to report your issue.

First, visit the Facebook Help Centre (https://www.facebook.com/help). At the top of the screening directly below the search bar, is the option toolbar.

  • Using Facebook: This section of the help centre have to do with the Facebook how to dos ranging from how to send, receive and read messages, updating profiles, friend related activities, etc.
  • Manage Your Account: This help centre deals with issues related to managing user’s accounts like profile settings and logins.
  • Privacy and Safety: This section of the help addresses issues related to privacy and your safety as a user of Facebook.
  • Policies and Reporting: Covers basic reporting (abuse, spam, etc.) as well as handling a deceased person’s Facebook account and reporting hacked or fake accounts.

Aside the four (4) sections above, there’s also a “Question you may have” section where you can get answers to some frequently asked questions.

Choose the appropriate section or question and follow the prompt till you report your issues. Facebook usually gets back to users with 2 – 3 days.

2. Get help from Official Facebook Help Centre Community

Facebook has an official help centre community where you can ask questions and get answers from other users.

To visit the community, visit (https://www.facebook.com/help/community) while logged in.

It’s advisable you search the community to be sure your question have not been asked before asking.


    • There’s one of of my Fb account i have forgotten the password, the account name is Chibuike Ani, and I have lost mobile number number linked to the account. I need your help to get the number back.

  1. Please I need urgent help for two days now I have been unable to log into my Facebook account,because the code is been sent to my list mail not phone number,pls I want it sent to my phone number not mail,thanks.

  2. My account is disabled, I can not access my account for over two weeks now. Please help en my account. I have summited my identity for the past one week now.

  3. Good afternoon, on the 27th Day of April 2021, I tried to edict my profile on my date of birth and I incidentally changed my date of birth from 28/04/1975 to 28/04/2021 and my Facebook account with name Greatness Agadaigho was Suspended, I was told to snap an ID card and I snapped my national identity card and sent it across, I apologise for whatsoever inconvenience Facebook has suffered and plead that my Facebook named Greatness Agadaigho be immediately restored as it is of importance to me.

    Am Extremely Grateful
    Please Be Assured of My Greatest Regards Always

  4. My Facebook account name is GREATNESS AGADAIGHO, it has been disabled since the 27th Day of April 2021, I have sent my ID Card across to Facebook, I plead that my Facebook account GREATNESS AGADAIGHO be now restored immediately..,
    Am Extremely Grateful.
    Please Be Assured of My Greatest Regards Always..,

  5. Facebook account name:-
    Olulakin Micah Olatunji.
    Phone number:-
    Email Address:-
    [email protected].
    I logged out and click back to login again, I later can’t get access to my Facebook account again.
    My phone number is appearing another name, my email address is not in correspond with the Facebook name.

  6. Good morning, pls am having a serious problem on Facebook anytime I open an account, dey will block me without cause, i did nothing wrong to deserve that, just because I sent a friend request to someone, they just block my Facebook account permanently, am tire,of the emotional trauma Facebook is causing me, that what all Nigerians are passing through on Facebook, unjust blocking of peoples Facebook account, pls I need a help and reason why Facebook never allow me enjoy Facebook, I was made not to be using my picture, due to fear not to be blocked, am tire someone should help me

  7. My Facebook account has been locked please I need help on how to unlock it because I have tried using the code sent to my phone and the identification of friends option I can not access the next page,please I need your help

  8. Good afternoon sir,
    Someone hacked my account and exchange the email and phone nunber, then Facebook sent me a mail to confirm, I pressed No, the asked to block and I blocked it, upon recovering it back through the process provided, it failed and I couldnt rrcover it again.
    My Facebook name is Comr Abdullahi Danjuma Ekiogwe
    please assist.

  9. Pls Facebook team my Facebook acct was hacked and I don’t have access to my account and they are using it to defraud ppl and they have changed my phone number and email and my Facebook name
    My Facebook name is Amb-Mighty Frank and they have changed it to Frank Brady


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