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How To Become A Bet9ja Agent In Nigeria Easily (2022)

Being a bet9ja agent in Nigeria has a lot of benefits, well we have provided the advantages and the process to become a bet9ja agent in the country easily.


It is not be an exaggeration if I say that sports betting has now become a part time job and alternative source of income to many Nigerians. These days, it is very common to find Nigerian youths lurking around football betting centres to bet.

Betting is a quick way of making money. It is now very popular in Nigeria. Anyone can predict the outcome of a match, number of goals, number of corner kicks, etc.

There are lots of betting companies in Nigeria, but in this write up, we will focus on Bet9ja. Bet9ja is a very popular and widely accepted betting site in the country with the highest odds. They have shops all across the country and the commissions that they pay to their agents is very attractive.

For those who are interested in becoming bet9ja agents successfully, this article will let you to know how to apply and get approved as bet9ja agent in Nigeria.


The popularity of bet9ja makes it very easy for agents to get new customers. The adverts run itself. Many benefits abounds in becoming a bet9ja agent. The prime benefit is that you will be guaranteed of steady income.

In bet9ja, the commission rates are based on turnover. You earn for every bet you print. There is a certain percentage that you will earn from every bet. Let’s say the percentage for evey ticket printed is 10%. Then you will make #10 from a #100 bet, #100 from a #1000 bet just like that! It’s not your concern if the person wins the bet or not. Your prayer is for people to stake huge amount of money.

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In bet9ja, there is zero loss for winning bets. Hence, you don’t bear the risk with the company in cases of heavy loss. In cases of heavy win, your job is to ensure that the person gets paid. In fact, some stakers have the belief that there are betting shops with inherent goodluck that makes people to win bets.

So if you have lots of winners in your shop, then you are guaranteed of more patronage as more heavy stakers will keep coming back.

Another benefit of being a bet9ja agent is that the company provides free training course for you and your staff. They will put you through on the basic ideas on how the betting system works both for the real life games and the virtual games.

Bet9ja has Over 5000 events and over 12,000 live betting events for football every week. This is a very big advantage as many punters are always on the look out for new options so juice up their betting slip.

Bet 9ja has a very innovative virtual game. The virtual games lasts for about 90seconds, so as an agent, you stand the chance of making enormous earnings from percentages on printed bets. The virtual games are always available, so you are guaranteed of making quick earnings from commissions.


The registration form is very easy simple to navigate. Before proceeding to the website to do the registration, you have to take note of the following requirements:

1. Your shop must be located in a busy area that is densely populated.

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2. The shop should have enough space.

3. The shop should not be close to another Bet9ja shop. (Must be a minimum of 10 – 15 minutes normal walking distance)

4. You must have computers/laptops, Televisions, power generators and stable internet connection.

After the approval of your shop, you will be given an account on the platform and you will have to pay 75,000 naira sign up fee. With this, you will be given the following items:

1. A bet9ja banner to advertise your shop

2. An account on their platform

3. Thermal printers.

If you have the aforementioned items available, then you can proceed to register on their website. Click here to register (https://agents.bet9ja.com/register)


1. Submission of documents to bet9ja office in your area.

2. Document and location check and familiarization with Bet9ja staff

3. Verification of premises

4. If approved, then you’ll proceed to signing of agent contract



  1. thanks for d information more grace to you, Please Like how much capital do i need in total for a small start excluding d shop rent cos am planning on opening one for my lil broda,thanks for d time and knowledge

  2. Hi, your information is quiet impressive, but please i have a little question to ask on the registration form! What is the attachment that i would upload on the form, please i need an urgent reply…thanks

  3. For me shop is not d problem but how can I start the process is it must for me to follow through any super agent or I should start the online process for now ?
    Thank you

  4. Do you get commission on winning ticket, let’s say a customer play a virtual game and won do you get commission on that ticket? And How lucrative is the business?

  5. Hi, very informative article. please i would like to be a bet9ja agent but am not a lover of footballs, will it be a disadvantage to me?

  6. Hi Good day, I have a shop and bought all the requirement but the super agent around the location has refused to come for inspection of the place since September I Ave been pleading him on phone he keeps postponing me till now what should I do
    09019644024 that’s my contact

    • Please bet9ija ,my name is chibuzo ugwunna ,I’m from Imo State ,I recently open a shop for bet9ija at Okezie Ikpeazo shopping plaza at Ogboosisi ,Ezefoam Aba in Abia State , the shop is standard ,2 tv set ,DSTV for watching live matches ,ceiling fan ,standing Fan , and is located at a very busy Area. Please I need your urgent reply. please I need this before this weekend ,thank you.

  7. Is it a must to register through a super agent? Because here in Ogbomoso, Oyo State the super agent is demanding something like 200k or 250k before he can approve a shop.. Can’t we open it without him??

  8. Please I need a location in Delta State?I have work with bet9ja has cashier for 6 years plus…na is time for me to open my own,all the location I have seen once I called super agent in that area for the approval of the location they don’t approve it for me? please I need a location in Delta State

  9. The super agent here in eket does not want to help me cos I want to start as a super agent please how do I register, it’s urgent, am fully ready now so that I don’t use the money for something else

  10. I need Bet9ja Shop, account and location to buy in Benin, Auchi, Asaba,Ugheli and Warri. Update me on WhatsApp
    Can also call any of the number. I’m in Auchi Edo State

  11. I have a shop already with all criteria but the super agent is planning to open another shop at my location why are we cruel in Nigeria he refused to create account for me in osun state

  12. Good afternoon please like how much can use to start and what do I need to be come Bet9ja agent and how much is the license going to cost ?


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