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How To Arrange A Single Room in Nigeria (2021)

Arranging a single room in Nigeria isn’t difficult if you know how to manage space and the right things to buy to make your room comfortable for you. Getting to decorate a small space might have its own limitations. But with a clever plan, and by making use of resources that are at your disposal, there is no reason why your single room shouldn’t have wonderful look.

how to arrange a single room in nigeria

As a matter of fact, it does not matter how big or small your single room is. What matters more is your unique style or personality in deciding how to make a comfortable, aesthetically appealing single room for yourself.

This article covers how you can arrange your single, and how you can make it more of a home than a place where you reside.

Clean up and store

The first thing you have to do is to de-clutter the space. That is, create a small space for storing things.

A bed with pull out drawers can take up a significant amount of floor space. You have to add a storage headboard so that you can have some more space for books, toiletries and other small appliances.

With your clutter stored and put in order, you can now go ahead to focus on your one-room apartment.

Make good use of available space

When you are designing your single room flat, you should be able to make good use of every bit of space. I mean space in the walls and in the floors too.

That brings me to something. A lot of people always seem to ignore wall space. Your single room wall space should be put to use appropriately.

The personal touch

When you leave your single without a personal touch, it would look like a blank canvas. You have to create your masterpiece with any colour or texture of your choice.

Just because you think your single room is small doesn’t mean that you cannot add a classic design pattern to it.

Window treatments

For your windows, you have to opt for louvres or blinds. These would allow for a lot of natural light to enter the room. You can also close up whenever privacy is required. Or choose light sheers as opposed to heavy drapes. Little details like nice window treatment can make a lot of difference. It can in fact make your room to appear less clustered.

Flooring options

Dark flooring in a small room would make your room to appear smaller. You have to select a light-coloured flooring. This is conditional though. If you have limited light, you can go with dark flooring. But in the case where you have a window treatment that allows for a lot of natural light, selecting a light flooring would be best.

Furniture selection

In your single room, dual-purpose furniture would be the best choice. The limitation here is that it is not always available in a variety of styles. You can take the DIY (Do it Yourself) route If you want. At least you get to make the furniture of your choice.

 Using mirrors

Mirrors can be used to create a beautiful illusion of space. The mirrors tend to reflect natural light in a room. Getting a mirrored closet rather than a standing mirror would be a better call. At least you get to have less cramped space.


No single room in Nigeria can be deemed complete without some collectables and accessories. You have to have a personal touch in your single room. This can be a wall painting, a collection of framed photos, or accessories.

Best Tips For The Arrangement Of A Single Room

Even the smallest single room in Nigeria can be turned into a very amazing apartment. You just have to follow some of these general rules:

  • Use room divider to divide your room. A lot of families with children can live in a single room with great comfort. The simple trick here is to use a room divider for space. Other things to use other than a room divider can be book cabinets, a line of blinds or even a row of racks
  • Having lighter colours for small space should be your preference here. As a principle, lighter colours work better for single rooms.
  • Endeavour to use your space wisely. In a single room, the key to designing is to use every space available to you.
  • You have to scale down your furniture. Decemberbe, large furniture might be what’s currently trending, but it is not a good choice for a single room apartment.
  • Final tip, try to make your room a bit organic. Trying adding a plant in your room. A small room with a lot of furniture can give your room a heavy feel

Frequently asked questions

Why should I always choose a light colour palette for my room?

One of the downsides of leaving in a small room is that they tend to be dark and stuffy. So, therefore, if you choose a lighter colour, you tend to make your room feel bigger. A dark spectrum has a way of absorbing light.

How do I add more function to my furniture?

Space and clutter work hand in hand at all times. To take care of cluster, make sure every item in your room has more than one use

How can create visual interest in my single room?

A single room in Nigeria normally lacks a lot of defining architectural features. So try painting the inside of your shelve so that you can provide one cool illusion of depth.

Why use a lot of lighting?

Don’t just rely on your light as a light source. With cool window treatments as mentioned earlier, let in a lot of light. Outside your window, you also use light draperies. I would like to infer from past personal experience that light does a lot of wonders for small spaces. They make your single room feel brighter and airy. As a plus, natural light has a more positive health effect to your eyes than artificial light.


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