How To Apply For UK Masters’ Program in Nigeria (2022)

The United Kingdom is one of the best countries to get a higher education in the European continent even after brexit. If you decide to pursue a higher education there, you would not regret it. You are bound to have a great of benefits, should you choose any university in the United Kingdom. If you want to know how to apply for a UK Masters program in Nigeria, then this post should come in handy.

masters program in Nigeria

As an aspiring student, the fees might be a very big challenge. Not to worry, there are a lot of scholarship opportunities that are available. There is no difficulty whatsoever in applying for a Masters degree program in the United Kingdom.

Nigerian certificates are very much accepted in the UK. The registration process as a plus is also very easy. You can register with an agent of some educational institutions in Nigeria, or you can register by yourself.

In the United Kingdom, there are over 4,000 students studying one course or the other. So on this note, there is a greater possibility for you to get admitted in the united kingdom for postgraduate studies.  With the number of Nigerian students studying in the UK, you are bound to come in touch with a Nigerian community. So, you are definitely not going to fell out of place. London is like the second place of abode for Nigerians.

How To Apply For UK Masters Program in Nigeria (2022)

Below are steps required for you to get admitted in your pursuit for a masters’ degree program in the United Kingdom.

Step 1: Choose the course of your choice

To kick off with your registration process, you have to find the right course that you want o study. There is a wide range of choices to make from over 30,000 courses. When making your choice, don’t hesitate to contact the school for further information. At least, get to know whether you are qualified for the course or not.

Step 2: Prepare and submit your application form

After you have made up your mind on the course you want to study, you would now proceed to the next step. This step is for you to submit your application form. This process widely differs for school to school.

Step 3: Check for visa eligibility

Before you kick off the registration process, it is important to note that you are eligible for United Kingdom visa application.

This has to be sorted out first before you apply for the UK masters program.

Entry requirements to study in the UK

As an applicant, you need to get a full grasp of the requirements that are outlined by the university that you are applying for. The course you are applying for also plays out as a determinant for the requirements.

The qualifications required are listed below

Must have a Second class Upper bachelors degree

You are expected to have a Second class upper grade in your bachelor degree program before applying for your UK masters degree Program.

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This is also known as 2:1 degree in the United Kingdom. On the same note, the student is required to have a 3.5 plus CGPA. Sometimes, they also allow graduates with a CGPA of 2:2 also known as Second class lower.

At least have undergone some postgraduate studies

Some universities in the United Kingdom always demand that you have undergone some form of postgraduate studies. This is a major requirement before they give you admission.

Sit and pass the IELTS Exam

All the Universities in the United Kingdom have this as a major requirement. This exam is an English language proficiency test. It measures how well you can speak the English language for communication purposes for studies. But in this scenario, your minimum grade has to be C6. Some also insist on an A1 grade.

For the IELTS exam, the student must score a minimum of 6.0. the score can sometimes vary from department to department though. Some departments might require a very high score. For further information regarding the IELTS exam, you can contact the school with the contact information that they enlisted on their website.

Application process

Majority of the postgraduate programs in the United Kingdom, combine both research and learning together. This is to help the student to stand his or her ground in any part of the world in whichever field he is in.

As a Masters Degree applicant, it is in your best interest, that you apply early. This is so that you can stand a chance to be admitted. This is a “first come first served” situation.   All the Universities in the United Kingdom allow Masters Degree applicants to apply from their websites. Some, in this case, charge fees while other doesn’t.

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Be sure that you are well aware of this before you apply for any of those universities. In the United Kingdom, as a practice, a lot of schools resume in the month of June. Be sure to complete your registration before then. Some schools, on the other hand, have intakes in June or June.  You can just whichever commencement schedule suits you.

Supporting documents

Your applications don’t come empty-handed, it comes to some very important documents. The important documents to be included in your application vary from one university to another. Find out from the university before you apply.

some of the common documents are highlighted below

  • A valid Proof of your Nigerian bachelor’s degree
  • Your Academic references
  • IELTS certificate
  • A Supporting Statement that states s why you want to apply for the master’s degree program in that particular school in the UK.
  • Curriculum Vitae / resume

Endeavour to link up with your university of choice, so that you can know about other documents required after this. These documents have to be attached together with the application form. Most of the Universities in the United Kingdom can allow you to submit your application form even if your supporting documents are not ready. These documents can still be submitted at a later date before the registration process begins.


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