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How To Apply For Tax Identification Number (TIN) Online in 2022

As a Nigerian citizen who owns a business, or working in a private organization or even in the civil service, you are expected to have your Tax Identification Number (TIN).

This TIN number is what identifies individuals, corporate organizations as registered tax payers in the country. In fact, it has been made compulsory by the new financial bill which will be in effect by December 2022.


To obtain your TIN number, there are laid down procedures by the Joint Tax Board (JTB) in Nigeria you must adhere to.

With the modern and more advanced electronic system which is interconnected to every state, the Joint Tax Board has made it possible to easily obtain your TIN number easily with no cost.  With this system, the issue of multiple taxation on individuals and companies by the Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) is now a thing of the past.

How To Apply For Tax Identification Number (TIN) Online in Nigeria Easily

Although, the process to apply and collect your tax id number might see you fill an application form for the purpose of identity verification. We shall give out some important guidelines when filling the form which can be easily obtained at any tax office near you.

According to the Joint Tax Board portal, individuals are normally assigned with a TIN based on their BVN (Bank Verification Number) or NIN (National Identity Number). This means that before you can get a TIN as an individual, you must need a NIN or BVN.

The same isn’t applied for non-individuals such as (Limited Liability Companies, Incorporated Trustees, Enterprises, Cooperative Society, MDAs, Trade Association etc). If you fall under this category, please you can register for your TIN online by clicking  here.

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Filling the TIN Application Form

When filling the TIN application form online, the following guidelines should be observed

  • It is important to fill any section on the form marked by an asterisks (*) symbol.
  • You must provide a valid email address that will be used during the application process.
  • You must also provide a registered mobile phone number (11 digits).
  • When filling your name and address, characters must not exceed 200 words including symbols and letters.

Requirements For Getting Tax Identification Number (TIN)


For individuals seeking the TIN number whose business has not been dully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), below are their requirements:

  • A TIN application form that has been dully completed
  • A valid identification document which shall be used for verification. This documents might be an international passport, National Drivers’ License, National Identity Card, or even Staff Identity Card.


Below are the requirements for a Company or Business registered with the CAC that wants to obtain the TIN number:

  • A TIN application form that has been dully completed
  • Business name registration certificate (for Enterprise or Business) or Certificate of incorporation (for Companies) showing the registration number in either case
  • Documents that has the following information: The date when the business started, the current address of the business and the principal location of the business

After providing the above as either and individual or organization at the tax office, you will need to update the TIN obtained from the tax office. Here, you will only need your valid email address and registered phone number that you used during the registration process.

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The next stage is now the verification of the updated TIN. This is to make sure that your tax identification number is in line in doing business transactions with other Government bodies like NAFDAC, Nigerian Custom Service, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and other legal bodies/agencies.

There are some times when registering for TIN comes with registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) and Company Income Tax as well. This is done when your company or business has been in operation for six months and has been registered.

It is compulsory to file monthly VAT and tax returns after you have registered your Tax Identification Number (TIN).

If you are confused as to whether you already have the number, you can check online to see if you have an existing TIN by clicking  here.

Why do I need a TIN?

Whether you are a business owner or an individual, TIN is very important because it is the proof that you are registered and verified tax payer in Nigeria, since paying tax in the country is compulsory as stipulated by the law.

Once completion of registration with the tax office is done, the business, individual or entity is issued a unique Tax Identification Number.

How much will it cost to apply for TIN?

Please note that applying for TIN is totally free if you do it your self. There are no fees attached unless you register via the help of a third party in obtaining the TIN or incurred any tax penalty which according to the law is based on the time-frame given to obtain your TIN. This rule applies to both individuals or company alike.

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How long will it take to obtain Tax Identification Number (TIN)

The TIN generation process takes 48 hours after a TIN request has been submitted. To make a TIN request online, kindly do so via https://tin.jtb.gov.ng



  1. I am not working,and no business for now I do odd job to take care of my family. Hope can get tin to enable me run my bank account.


  3. Thanks for the information.
    I apply for TIN through JTB, I got the TIN but the Bank official told me that the TIN i have is not the one I need to open account for the Business name. Though I did not believe, is she saying the truth? Is there another TIN apart from the one from JTB?

  4. the link you posted online for registration for TIN number online, is only reflecting for non-individual which is companies… please can you direct me to a link that i can register for a TIN number as an individual.

  5. I went to the nearest office all have to get disgrace in Akure as police officer for two months now I have been going there and no respond to me, fist time they asked me to write my name phone number and email that they will sent the number through the email which I did and nothing was send to me, I went again with form I have already filled they asked me to come back after a week, as I have committed an offence when I pleaded with a woman to assist me with my tin and started telling me that I am not the only one I should go and come back after two weeks again so will I continue to leave my work and be going to inland revenue office? Please help me ooo.

  6. I have been trying to register via the link you sent but it’s telling me that my Business Name number is invalid, what do you think is the cause for that ?

  7. Pls av applied for a tin number for like 10days now and no response except a mail confirming my pin request.
    (1)Should I make another request?
    What should I do?

  8. please i have been trying to register for TIN on line but could not submit after the completion of the form.
    please what could be of assistance to get the TIN.
    Thank you.

  9. Did I still need to pay internal revenue,local government,commerce and industry fee if I pay jtb tax.
    And how much do I pay to jtb I have tin number already,I also register my biz with cac


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