Herbal Cure For HIV in Nigeria


HIV/AIDS is one of the key health concerns in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. An estimated 3.2 million Nigerians are living with HIV virus.

Herbs used in treating HIV in Nigeria

Nigeria is deeply religious, so these stigmatized and despaired HIV patients are easy targets for Prophets, pastors and miracle workers who have come out to claim that they have the cure for HIV.

Many Nigerian herbal doctors, professors and even religious miracle workers have also asserted that they have a final solution to the cure of HIV. They place adverts and posters on streets, tabloids, and on social media stating that they can provide a permanent solution to HIV.

The echo about the cure of HIV in Nigeria has never been this loud and this makes it clear that we are getting closer to the finishing line. That is if we are not there already.

Herbal Cure For HIV in Nigeria

There are many herbal remedies that are effective for treatment of HIV in Nigeria. These herbal remedies heralds the persistent quest for more natural products for the treatment of HIV/AIDS.


There are many herbal remedies that have been found to stop the replication of HIV. Ancistrocladus korupensis from tropical Liana plant inhibits reverse transcriptase and the fusion of HIV induced cell.

The local plant Baissea axillaries Hua (Apocynaceae) is being used by many traditional herbalists for management and treatment of HIV patients.

Neem(dogonyaro) leaves are found wisely in Nigeria. It increases the CD4 count(immunity count) and general well being of the HIV patients.

Several academic publications and journals have been written about herbal treatment of HIV in Nigeria.

Nigerian Professor Isaiah Ibeh few months ago announced the development of a new drug that can cure HIV.

Prof. Ibeh who is the Dean, school of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Benin, Nigeria stated that the herbal cure an extract of Baissea axillaries Hua prepared for HIV has already undergone “series of test”, meaning that it has been used for HIV treatment.

The punch Newspaper reported that they spoke with Mr. Harrison Osarenren, the public relations officer of the school and he confirmed that the professor has discovered a permanent solution to the treatment of HIV and that the drugs has undergone series of examination in Nigeria and in the USA.

He asserted that the drugs acted very well on tested HIV patients. And that 3 of the patients that took the drugs, were tested to be negative within 7 months of treatment.

Professor Maduike Ezeibe of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State also claimed that he had discovered a cure for HIV after 25 years of research.

He asserted that he successfully tested the drugs on 10 patients. Guardian newspaper quoted him saying, ” Nigeria is the first country to get 10 people to recover from HIV/AIDS”.

Though Nigeria’s health agencies quickly rose to condemn such claims on the grounds that it lacked scientific proofs and that the patient’s situation will worsen if he/she stops taking conventional treatment.

HIV levels can drop below detectable levels but rebounds when treatment is stopped exposing the body to opportunistic diseases.

Daniel Ndukwe of the National agency for the control of AIDS, (NACA) stated that no formal study has been undertaken in Nigeria to affirm these claims.



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