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GTBank Customer Care Service Number, Website & Email Address


GTBank Customer care service in Nigeria is one of the best among Nigerian banks when it comes to quick response that provides good customer’s banking satisfaction. Also known as Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, this financial institution has carved out a name for itself in the Nigerian banking industry.

Guaranty Trust Bank GTBank

Founded in 1988, GTBank was incorporated as a limited liability company in 1990, giving the license to provide commercial banking services to the Nigerian public. GTBank officially began operations in December 1991, and fully became a publicly quoted company in the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1996.

Just in 2007, GTBank became the pioneer bank in sub-Saharan Africa to be listed on London Stock Exchange. The IPO realized was US$750,000,000. Nigeria’s first private Eurobond issue was enacted by Guaranty Trust Bank at the international capital markets.

GTBank also has presence in other countries such as Gambia, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, and the United Kingdom.

Although, GTBank isn’t one of the first generation banks, it has over the years through its financial services achieved a lot as undoubtedly one of the best banks in Nigeria to open an account with, especially a savings or domiciliary account.

GTBank also offers financial services ranging from asset management services, internet banking, investment, retail and corporate banking.

The customer care unit of GTBank is the department within the bank that is available 24/7 to customers who can contact them through the GTBank Customer Care line or through the GTBank Customer Care Live Chat on their app or website on inquiries and questions about their services.

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If you want to ask questions on information concerning GTBank products and services, card transaction issues, ATM card block request, online banking, request of statement of account, money transfer issues or any other inquiry, then you should contact GTBank Customer Care Service through their connect lines.

GTBank Customer Care Line Numbers

To speak with any GTBank customer care agent on phone, dial any of the following numbers below

  • 0700-482666328
  • 234-1-4480000
  • 08029002900
  • 08039003900

Please note that these numbers aren’t toll-free and it would take a toll on your airtime if you call them. Well, if you want the free option where you won’t spend you airtime, you can reach them via the GTBank Customer Care Online Live Chat which is available 24/7.

GTBank Twitter handle = @gtbank_help

Do you need information on GTBank customer care number, website and email or do you have any questions on how to check your account number, how to open an account in GTB or type of account whether its savings, current or fixed account, this write up will provide you with such information.

GTBank Official Customer Care Service Number

To contact a GTBank Nigeria customer care agent, below is the correct contact number: 0700482666328. The number is available from 8am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays.

GTBank Website and Email Address

To learn more about offers and services offered by GTBank, visit their official website at www.gtbank.com. For complaints, contact the GTBank Email Address at [email protected].

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The customer care services at GTBank also include online live chat services to easily give clients the opportunity to contact their agents without any hitch. The online chat service at GTB is available to customers for quicker reach.

With Guarantee Trust Bank branches in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria, the bank has continued to provide a better banking experience for its customers. Also note that you can fill the GTB complaint form found at their site if you can’t get through their customer care contact, email or website as seen above.


  1. Good evening sir/ma, pls I want to formally report a fraudulent person who has been fraudulently defrauding people. His goes by name pastor George with phone numbers 07039218964 and his other members with phone numbers 09074209169 and 09022920955. I got into a transaction of which he claims to work along side the national social investment. I placed a sum of #24,000 which was to yield an interest and I waited for 4 hours and after then till now, I have heard nothing from him and he has also blocked me on Whatsapp and does not pick his calls when I call. I transferred the money to a GT account with the account name, Idris Abdullahi and account number 0500546214. Pls I will gladly love you to look into this and help me recover the money and prevent others from being duped. Thank you and God bless you. The transaction was carried out on the 29th of may through my account U. B. A with account number 2055455666 and account name St. Mary Cole. My phone number is 08060068744. Thanks

    i withdraw 1000 from this my account 0222886636 this evening from pos,and my account was debited with 2000 instead of 1000.so that why am sending you this mail to please rectify it for me thank you..

  3. Good morning.
    I opened an account with your bank late 2018 in Lagos and unfortunately I lost the phone that has my account number in it cos I wasn’t having it off heart, so when I went back to Abuja I laid a complain about and I got a test last year so i want to confirm if this number is my account number I don’t want to fall into the hands of scammers


  4. I did a transaction on POS on the 7th of August and it was declined twice but my money was also deducted from my account twice
    Please I would like to request a refund,Thank you.
    Account number: 0560040312

  5. I opened an account online because of my distance with GTB branch in my state and the insurgency issues we are facing but i later discovered that the maximum single deposit i can for is #50,000 and the account balance cannot exceed #300, 000. I need a solution that can make the account functions normally as others do.

  6. Good morning my name is abubakar auwal with account number 0138700442 saving account. Sir yesterday I make transaction the sent me fifty five thousands five hundred naira to my account around 4:42pm but up to now I did not received anything yet please I need statement of my account from 1 August 20 to 1st September 2020 thank you.

  7. Good afternoon, I was sent a money yesterday, and I have not gotten the alert I checked my account balance still the same. Plz kindly help me check on it
    Will be waiting for a response…
    Acc num:0165610831
    Acc name: Agunbiade Zuhliah oluwatosin.

  8. I transfer 2800 from my account 0400192962 on July 1st, I transfer to someone that person is not receive the money, but I received debit alert that same day till now the money is not reverse.

  9. Good day team,
    I sent the sum of #15, 000 naira to access bank of Uche Charles Chimezie with the account number 0023042784 on Saturday 5th of September at 9.18am and the recipient has not received the fund as at the time of this email and my account was debited.
    My account is Bisiriyu Olufolake Omolabake
    My gtbank account number is 0019788231.
    Kindly help to rectify this issue.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you soonest. Thanks.

  10. All transactions done yesterday till now now alert, and i can’t even check my balance. Please i need my statement of account from 1st Sept to 11th sept, 2020.
    My Account Number. 0032020684

  11. I paid #10,000 on September 7, 2020 through my debit card to Corporate Affairs Commossion but it is sadden to hear from the Commission that the transaction was failed after the money had been debited from my account and yet to be refunded . I received a message that it was paid, but no SMS message and email debit message from GTB at all. I am not comfortable with this, Remittal amount was also deducted …. So I want my money to be refunded so that I can pay for the application in CAC to avoid the expiry date for my application approval. Thanks

  12. Pls, I want you to send me the mail of my account officers team, my account details are; Account number 0271607615, Account name: Ipenko Oluwagbotemi Adegboyega

  13. I want to retrieve my bvn and I tried the *565*0# but I was told my phone number is not enrolled in the platform, pls what can I do it’s very urgent

  14. I transfer 6200 from my brother gtb account he wrote timeout service, imidatly they debit him, the per son he didnt see the money till now

  15. Please my account was freeze since last year and it is really holding me back
    I called the customer service and they said that one madam Ruth transfered 20,000 to my account from uba bank that I should transfer the money back before I can access my account again pls u guys should help me I was just trying to help a friend who asked me if am using gt bank account if yes,I should help him with it
    Now my account has been restricted
    Here is the account number

    • I visited GTB branch in Wuse 2 beside AP plaza today 13th November 2020 to get a new token since my token was not functioning anymore. After waiting in line for almost 2 hours and being tossed here and there, they told me that my signature was irregular and refused to issue me a token, even after they had taken my finger print. I was asked to go and queue again in Cusyomer service by one Ejike and his boss to see what my signature looks like and try to sign again. I wonder what the BVN details we have is for if ordinary signature can deprive me of accessing my money whenever I need to. My name is Olobatoke Ibijoke with account no 0035118429. Kindly assist to help me get a new token.

  16. Good morning sir, I can’t do anything with my account again, I can’t withdraw, transfer, I can’t do any problem and the greatest problem here is that there is not gt bank in anyigba Kogi state University, please I need your help, my account have been restricted please help me

  17. Please lost the phone number (07039670070) used in opening an account from GTBank please can you help me replaced this other number (09060001295) As my BVN backup line please.
    ACCOUNT: 0370494198
    BANK: GTBank

  18. Good evening, pls I didn’t my Gtb bank because I was using my account time to time. It was last week I want to transfer money to my wife on my phone it said I should enter token code on which I didn’t do any token till now I can’t be able to transfer. My name is Ayegbusi Olurinde Felix and my account is 0210382223. This is my email [email protected]. pls what is going on I need money send. I’m not in the country now am in Dubai .

  19. Gt bank please refund my N39.500.00 which was debited from my bank account 3 weeks ago. I have logged complain at your Gwagwalada branch but no response yet. I will appreciate your support to address this issue and credit my account.
    Its really frustrating to experience this issue with your bank after over 10 years of dedicated customer patronage.

    James A. Oluwole

  20. Hi, I transferred money from my account using the ussd code to Fidelity Bank and I was debited and the money is yet to be receive ,plz do rectify for me.# 1000….. 0108486756.thanks

  21. Please I made a transaction this morning using USDD I was debited but the UBA account I did transfer was not credited. It urgent please

  22. Hello please all my money was whitdrawn out of my account without me knowing please help me out in this my account number 0501226153

  23. Each time I receive 10,000 naira and above the some of 50 naira will be deducted from my account and if I transfer money from Gtb to Gtb account #22.00 naira will be deducted from my account please I am no longer happy with this does it mean if I receive 10,000 naira from 5 different person everyday 250 naira will be deducted from my account please I want you to put a stop to this act this is my second time of complaining same issue 😠

  24. Pls I recharge from my acct,1000 twice ….I av not been debited but…wen I checked my acct balance.2000 has been deducted from my acct ….and I didn’t get d airtime also….wat could av happened?????0404059322 my acct num

  25. Please I recharged through my account to this number(09017608317) yesterday of 2000 and till now have not seen the credit alert .I did another recharge of 2000,it went but the first recharge I did of 2000 was not sent and am already debited of the 2000 but no airtime.
    This my account number :0501884159 please what’s the problem????

  26. My husband Mr Godstime sent me $30 from Holland since yesterday 14,thanks of February 2021 till now I have not received the money on my phone
    Acct no 0539176248

  27. Team

    I am totally disappointed a customer can be treated as this…I have been calling contact center for days on the issue of account restriction…
    I reported a case of unauthorised withdrawal.and mandated the customer service agent I spoke with to destroy my ATM…

    That doesn’t mean my account must be freezed.now I need money for medical bills,I have been calling for close to two days no resolution…

    Kindly take this as an institution to unfreeze my account with account number 0050486460

  28. Good day Team,
    I bought #2500 data on the 4th of February 2021 from my GTB account, my account was debited but the data wasn’t credited. Please treat as urgent
    Account number: 0568238272
    Affected number: 09022350215

  29. Gud Evening,
    My name’s are Emmanuel.Ugo.Chikezie,GTB customer. I sent my wife to withdrew money from my account at ikotun branch,the atm machine
    charge #100,000, while the machine dispense only #90,000.My account nos 0003511881 dated on the 10/02/2021.
    Please kindly help me to reverse my #10,000 back to my account.Hope to hear from you soon.Thanks.

    Best Regards

  30. Please I made a transfer from my gt mobile app to an access account number for the sum of 2000 on the 9/2/2021 the account number is 0014368394. I was debited instantly but till today the account it was sent to have not been credited. Please I will like a refund of same back to my gt account if the access account won’t be credited. Thank you

  31. I withdraw 2000 from my account 0471589735 afeso eveshotero godspower I was debited n the ATM did not dispenses my cash since yesterday around 11am till now they have not reserve my money

  32. I updated my Gtbank world app and I found out I cannot view my transaction details nor credit my vas account any longer. Makes the whole things terrible.

  33. Okon Juliet otu account number 0179232351, on 03/03/2021 around 7pm . I use ussd to transfer #16000 and same time use pos Marchant to pay at end of every thing I was dedited with out alert


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