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Google Nigeria Office Address in Lagos

Do you know that Google Nigeria office is in Lagos? You must have known that Google.com is the best search engine in the world and is ranked the fastest site on earth by alexa’s ranking.


Before we delve into Google’s address in Nigeria, lets give a profile about the company itself and what they stand for.

Before Google search ascended as the world’s biggest internet search engine, it was an academic research project carried out by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Two Ph.D students at the Stanford University, California.

Since its domain name registration in early December, 1997, Google was announced a private company on December 4, 1998. As years passed by the company expanded and added other services for work and productivity apart from just being a search engine.

Some of the Google’s popular products and services include: Google Drive, Gmail, Google+, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Allo, Google Street view, YouTube and Google Chrome for surfing the internet.

Today, Google has become the most visited website in the world apart from being the most valuable brand on earth. No wonder that the company lives up to its mission statement which states “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.

In December 2015, Google’s slogan was changed from “Don’t be evil” to “Do the right thing” by Alphabet, its mother company to showcase what its stands for. The company today, controls more than a million servers in data centers around the world, using its algorithms to process more than a billion search queries whilst distributing profits to its owners.

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You can start a career by working for Google in any of their offices around the world. This is because, apart from the fat salary pay which is certain, there are host of other benefits you can gain from working at Google Nigeria.


The main headquarters of Google Inc. is located in the state of California, in the city of Mountain View. Google has more than 80 offices around the world as of writing this post. One unique feature about their outlets is that their offices mixes a blend of the company’s corporate policy as well as culture of the country where it is situated.

Google Nigeria Office Address

The address of Google office in Nigeria is at 3rd Floor, Mulliner Towers, 39 Kingsway Road, Lagos.

If you need any information about their services, job openings, and other inquiries, feel free to visit the Google Nigeria office and meet the receptionist, who will guide you through on the information you seek.

Workers and staff at the company describe the Google Nigeria office as one of the best places you can work in the country. We hope to see more of their offices spread throughout major states and cities in the country.

Map showing direction where Google’s office is located in Nigeria



  1. Pls I need help, am having issues with my gmail account. Is there any google office in Abuja aside Lagos? Kindly be of help with an address.
    Thank you.

  2. HI, Good morning, please i do a change the location of my office on google map from an old address to a new address,, thanks..

  3. I have been receiving a pop up that i won a prize from Google. Please can you help me with their customer line. I need to confirm the authentication of this notification. Thanks.

  4. I forgot my Gmail password and the only solution proffered is to receive the recovery code on my Airtel registered mobile number which I have misplaced some years back, on getting to Airtel office, I was told the number has been recycled but it’s not in use . Please how can you help me to have access to my Gmail account back, because it’s linked with basically all my social media accounts.

    • I have the issue as Praise Adeyanju’s. Please can anybody be of help?
      @Praise Adeyanju, have you gotten any solution yet? Kindly let me know.

  5. I lost my phone with my Google 2Fa password and I saved my backup codes in my Gmail. So it’s making it impossible for me to log in

  6. Good day, my google ads account was suspended and I have sent appeal for over 30 days now the appeal has not been attended to, and anytime I write another appeal they always tell me duplicate appeal that the original appeal will be attended to within 3 to 5 days, but till this moment I’m writing this it has not been attended to, please I need help on this.

    • My Gmail in 2-step verification,
      I restored my phone and everything has gone including the Gmail recovery code.
      How can I login?

  7. Good evening, I discovered someone is using my Google account also and Google is taken the person to the rightful owner of the account which she is not.

  8. My google storage is full. I no longer receive or send mails. I have tried desperately and with all my Atm cards to pay for an upgrade but it is not accepting any. What can I do?

  9. Please who knows the contact phone number of Google Nigeria office in Lagos. I want to call them for some enquiries. I believe they have address and phone number here please send it to [email protected] for confirmation. I will need thier confirmation to access my internet marketing works be and efforts and to be sure that my card attachment will be safe and secured.


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