Home Business Ideas Fish Farming Business in Nigeria: How to Start (2021)

Fish Farming Business in Nigeria: How to Start (2021)


Are you looking for how to start a fish farming business in Nigeria and don’t know how to go about it, then read on as this article will put you through the necessary details you would need in establishing your own fish farm in Nigeria.


The truth about Fish farming business in Nigeria is that it requires little or much money to start depending on the size of your budget. But for these article, we shall delve into the basics and what you would need to establish your fish farm in Nigeria.

Before you can start any business in Nigeria that requires less capital or more, you must first of all carry out a research or feasibility study on how the business of fish farming is being done to avoid loss. There are interesting and detailed article on the Feasibility Study on how fish farming is done in Nigeria online.

The Requirements For Fish Farming In Nigeria  

1. Capital
Capital is a factor of production and the most important thing you are going to need and have in starting up fish farming in Nigeria. You must not be a millionaire before you set up a fish farm, the main thing is to start small and with time you can expand further to a fish pond .

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2. Land

Land is very essential if you must start up your fish business. After getting your capital the next thing you would want to do is to secure a land. It is better to secure a land with bigger space if you have the money. This will help you in case you want to expand and build more ponds in the future.

3. Build a Pond
When you construct a pond, make sure that the pond is strong enough to hold water inside. Also make sure that the drainage systems are properly designed for easy passage of unclean water from the pond, you should get an expert to do that for you

NOTE: The secret to keep your fishes healthy and agile is the water. Don’t forget to constantly change the water after two days (depending on the state of the water) because if you don’t change the water, your fishes might get weak. Fishes don’t like unclean water, so ensure you change water in the pond often.

Tapolene can also be used as a substitute to pond that is, If you don’t have money to construct ponds.

4. Borehole
Of Course, Water is key to the survival of your fish, so you would need a regular source of water and a bore-hole should do just that. If you stay in a place near a river, you can channel pipes to draw water to your ponds.

5. Overhead Tanks
You would also need about 4 overhead tanks for storing water just in case. It is very necessary

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6. Generator
Due to lack of electricity in this part of the world, you would need your own source of power, if you want to be successful in your fish farming business. Invest in a good generating set which will help you power the bulbs, and any other equipment that uses power at your fish farming site .

7. Get Acquainted and ask questions from experts
As it is in every business, you must know the dos and don’t of fish farming in Nigeria. This will enable you to equip yourself with the knowledge on how to succeed in Fish business. Also ask experts on areas you find confusing in the business

Equipment Needed to Start up a Fish Farm

1. Pipes
2. Water Testing Equipment
3. Baskets and Buckets
4. Seines and Nets
5. Pond Aerators

Types Of Fishes You Can use to start you Fish Farm in Nigeria

There are some hot in demand types of fishes that you can start rearing. These types of Fish you can farm in Nigeria includes

1. Cat Fish
2. Tilapia
3. Titus

Why is Fish Farming Business a Lucrative venture In Nigeria?

1. It is easy to learn as fishery products are cheap in the market
2. It sells more than any other kind of product
3. The demand of fishes are high in the market
4. Fishes grow faster naturally as long as you give them the right feed and supplements.
5. Fish farming in Nigeria can yield you a  lot of profit.


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