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Comprehensive List of all EFCC Chairmen, Past and Present in Nigeria


In this post we shall be looking at the comprehensive list of all EFCC chairmen till date, past and present in Nigeria and their years in office. As a Nigerian, you might want to know who is the current EFCC chairman or even who was the first chairman of EFCC, look no further, we got you covered. 


With the current fight against corruption and corrupt individuals in Nigeria today, the present administration is leaving no stone unturned and this has empowered the EFCC to go all out and fish out corrupt individuals in the country.

So what is the full meaning of EFCC? EFCC simply stands for Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. This commission was formed in the year 2003 and it is a Federal Government agency which helps to deal with corruption and financial crimes. These financial crimes include advance fee fraud (419) and money laundering.

It is the duty of the President of Nigeria to oversee the affairs of the anti-graft agency and appoint its chairmen.

Before we look at the comprehensive list of all EFCC chairmen, past and present in Nigeria, that is, EFCC chairmen till date, it is worthy of note to inform you that the EFCC has mission and vision statements which guide the way they operate as seen below:


EFCC mission Statement 

To rid Nigeria of economic and financial crimes and to effectively coordinate the domestic effort of the global fight against money laundering and terrorists financing.

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EFCC Vision Statement 

An agency operating to best international standards and leading the fight against economic and financial crimes in Nigeria.

Comprehensive List of All EFCC Chairmen, Past and Present in Nigeria

Below is the list of all chairmen of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC till date.

1. Nuhu Ribadu (2003-2007)

2. Ibrahim Lamorde (Acting Chairman, 2008)

3. Farida Mzamber Waziri first female to head EFCC as chairman (2008-2011)

4. Ibrahim Lamorde (2011-2015)

5. Ibrahim Magu (2015 – 2021) Suspended

6. Mohammed Umar ( Acting Chairman, 2020 – 2021)

7. Abdulrasheed Bawa (Acting Chairman, 2021 – date)

These are the individuals who have served as chairman of the EFCC since its inception in 2003 till date.


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