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Companies in Nigeria that Pay Highest Salaries (2022)

There exist companies in Nigeria that pay highest salaries. These companies have over the years built a solid reputation in their various industries and sector. Although, to get a high paying job in Nigeria is difficult for some class of people and also maintaining these large salary structures might seem a herculean task for most Nigerian companies, it is still achievable.

oil companies in Nigeria that pay highest salaries
oil companies in Nigeria

This post will reel out some highest paying companies in Nigeria with their salary figures.

These companies are popular in Nigeria and have a global reach. To them, the well being of their staff monthly and as when due is paramount. Entry level salaries in these companies operating in Nigeria are mouth-watering which by no means was affected by the current economic recession being experienced by Nigeria.

List of Highest Paying Companies in Nigeria (2022)

Below are the Companies in Nigeria that Pay Highest Salaries 2022

1. Chevron

Chevron oil & gas company is one of the highest paying companies in Nigeria. Do you know that Chevron pays their staff members on a hourly basis.

For example, a sales associate is paid $8.73 per hour, an Intern at this petroleum giant is paid $28.66 per hour and a Customer service/care representative is paid $10.54 per hour.

You should also know that a cashier is paid $9.54 per hour.

2. Mobil Petroleum

Mobil Petroleum is another oil company in Nigeria that pays its workers well. Mobil pays their staff members very highly too and much like Chevron, but getting employed at Mobil Nigeria is not an easy thing to do.

Mobil Petroleum also pay their staff members in US dollars. That said, you should be informed that despite the current economic challenges faced in Nigeria, a staff member of Mobil does not seem to experience any hardship whatsoever due to the heftiness of their pay.

Engineers at Mobil smile to the bank with a total of $107,477 annually. Process engineers receive a yearly pay of $114,526 while Interns at this petroleum giant are paid $6,810 monthly. Mobil Petroleum pays their Project engineers a total of $120,055 yearly.

You should also know that a Senior engineer at Mobil Petroleum gets paid $144,467, which is the same payment rate that is applicable to all their staff members in Nigeria and other parts of the world.


Nigeria National Petroleum Company, NNPC is Nigeria’s own Petroleum Company and are also in the list of companies in Nigeria that pay highest salaries this 2022.

Unlike the first two petroleum giants mentioned, that is, Chevron and Mobil, NNPC pays their staff members in the Nigerian local currency which is the Naira.

NNPC is 100% Nigerian as opposed to Chevron and Mobil Petroleum which are both foreign companies.

Much like other petroleum companies listed above, getting employed at NNPC could prove to be a herculean task, nevertheless, once in, it could be the best thing that happens to you as an individual.

A Sales Manager at NNPC gets ₦314,000 monthly and economists at NNPC smile to the bank with a whopping pay of ₦3.85 million yearly. A fresh graduate at NNPC receives about ₦130,000 every month.

4. MTN Nigeria

MTN stands for Mobile Telecommunications Network. Of course, MTN Nigeria is the highest paid telecommunications company in Nigeria till date. This is because, they pay higher than GLO, AIRTEL and 9Mobile.

Originally from South Africa, MTN is the very first mobile telecommunications company that arrived Nigeria during the early years of mobile telecoms in our dear country, Nigeria. MTN exists in Nigeria as MTN Nigeria and majority of its staff members are Nigerians.

In times past, they were paying their staff members very well. However, certain challenges that they have with the Nigeria Communications Commission in recent times have led to a drop in the amount of pay being given to employees these days. that notwithstanding, MTN is still one of the highest paying companies in Nigeria.

These days, they prefer the services of contract staff, since this helps them save money. A contract staff has no right to salary increase. He/she equally has no right to bonus or retirement plan. They are equally free to hire and fire a contract staff at any point in time.  Customer Care representatives are paid about N83,000 monthly.

Though we could not confirm the current pay of Project managers at MTN , we are made to assume that they are paid about ₦839,000 yearly, Program Managers on the other hand are paid up to ₦9.44 million yearly.  Senior Management members receive up to ₦12.4 million yearly.  Quality Assurance Engineers receive up to ₦4.69 million yearly.

5. Nestle Nigeria

Nestle Nigeria are also among Nigerian companies that pay high salaries. They are into food production and food processing. Nestle pay their staff members a number of benefits.

Staff members have access to health insurance but the staff is not qualified for the health insurance until they have spent between 6 to 12 months in the company as a staff.

Sales managers at Nestle Nigeria receive up to ₦6.27 million yearly while  production supervisors receive up to ₦5 million every year.

Their staff members have access to vacation too. Sales rep interns are paid about $19 per hour. Interns are paid about $22 per hour. Mechanical Engineering Interns are paid up to $21 per hour.

6. Nigerian civil service

The Nigerian Civil Service is owned and operated by the Federal Government of Nigeria. It is no secret that the Federal Government pays well, hence many are dying to get that dream job by joining the Nigerian Civil Service.

The amount of pay an employee gets is determined by the particular Ministry he or she finds himself or herself. Payment is also determined by the department or agency in which you are employed.  School leavers employed into the Nigerian civil service on Level 4 Step 1 receive up to ₦242,994 yearly.

Those at the peak of their career at level 17 Step 1 are paid up to ₦4,183,600 yearly.  This means you will receive about ₦20,000 per month as a Level 4 Step 1 Employee in the Nigerian civil service and ₦348,633 per month at level 17.

7. Total Petroleum

Total  Petroleum is an oil & gas giant and are among the oil companies in Nigeria that pay highest salaries. We were able to gather information that they have up to 1,700 employees.  Entry level employees receive up to ₦12 million yearly. The only issue is getting into this firm.


While there are other firms that are among the highest paid companies in Nigeria, these ones stand out to be the best. Working in any of these firms will assure you a good career path. Aside the high salary, you also receive bonuses and allowances when you get paid. The only difficulty is getting a job in any of these Nigerian companies that pay well.


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