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Central Bank of Nigeria Salary Structure: How Much CBN Staff Are Paid (2021)


The Central Bank of Nigeria, also known as CBN is the chief apex bank in the country.  It is managed by the CBN Governor and duly oversees the activities of other banks, whether commercial, merchant, micofinance, etc as well as, acts as check and balance for other financial institutions. Another function of the CBN is that it helps prevent fraudulent activities by banks against the people and foster integrity and obedience to law. Also, The CBN focuses on printing the Naira, the Nigerian currencyCentral Bank of Nigeria CBN

Working at the Central Bank of Nigeria is a privilege as they are regarded as one of the best and highest paying jobs one can do in the country. The CBN salary structure from an entry level graduate up to the governor of the bank is not an easy information you see daily, due to the nature of the job in question. We shall provide in this write-up how much a Central Bank (CBN) staff earn monthly as salary.

While the CBN commenced operations in the year, 1959 and has its headquarters at Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria. The present governor of the CBN is Godwin Emefiele. Also, The Central Bank of Nigeria boasts of 5,000 to 10,000 employees under its workforce.

Because of the prestige associated with Central Bank of Nigeria, which is the no 1 bank in Nigeria, many graduates see working there as a great opportunity and life-changing platform. The graduate trainee salary paid at CBN is over N50,000 on a monthly basis, talk more of the monthly salary an entry level staff would earn in the central bank. However, employment at the  CBN is usually very strict and particularly difficult to get. Certain factors come into place for a successful employment because its operations are highly confidential.

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It is important to note that employment into the central bank of Nigeria takes up a higher level of experience, qualities and degree, as well as requirements as compared to other commercial banks. Therefore, it is expected to put in the extra touch in case you are considering applying for a job there.

Central Bank of Nigeria Salary Structure (2021)

If you are considering working in the CBN and want to know how much the CBN pays her staff as salary every month. Then read the subsequent paragraphs below. This article will give you an idea into the Central Bank of Nigeria salary structure currently.

How Much Graduate Trainees Earn As Salary in Central Bank of Nigeria

While the training lasts, the Central Bank of Nigeria will pay a minimum of N50,000 as monthly salary to the job position of graduate trainees. This translates to N600,000 as graduate trainee salary at the Central Bank for a year. It is also compulsory to undergo this training in the CBN so as to familiarize and introduces the newly employed graduates on how work is done at the CBN.

How Much Entry Level Staff Earn As Salary in CBN

Entry level staffs in the Central Bank of Nigeria are paid a minimum salary of N122,000 monthly. At the CBN, the job position of entry level staff is gotten after the much needed training. This job position comes with a certain level of permanence and benefits.

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How Much Central Bank of Nigeria Pay Loan Officers As Salary

A loan officer in the Central Bank of Nigeria earns a minimum salary of N573,000 per month. This job position of a loan officer comes with a higher level of experience and qualification than the above mentioned.

How Much Credit Analysts Earn As Salary in Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

Credit Analysts come in second in the lists of top earners in Central Bank of Nigeria, after loan officers. This job position attracts a minimum of N647,000 as salary per month.

Central Bank of Nigeria Branch Managers Salary

Branch Managers in the CBN are paid a minimum of N732,000 monthly as salary, due to the nature of their job. Although there are very few branches in the country for the Central Bank of Nigeria, the job position of branch manager is a very prominent one.


The Central Bank of Nigeria is a government organization owned by the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is the apex financial monetary authority in Nigeria established by the CBN Act of 1958. Therefore, landing a job here is a great achievement which can open doors of opportunities and profitable networking for the lucky ones who get a job there.


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