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How to Pay For Google AdWords in Nigeria Easily Subscribing to Google Adwords is one sure way of driving traffic to your blog. Most Nigerians don't know how to leverage this opportunity and get stuck halfway when trying to make payment for Google AdWords. This post will show you how to manage your Google AdWords account and also teach you how to make payment for Google AdWords adverts in Nigeria Easily. Payment Methods to Use for Google AdWords Advertisement in Nigeria Before we delve into how to pay for Google AdWords in Nigeria, be aware that you can either use your Naira MasterCard or a visa card to make payment online easily for the ads. Also, Google AdWords coupons can be another alternative if you have it, to place adverts on Google. The coupon provided by Google can be only used for one AdWords account. On one of my other niche site, I used my GTB Naira masterCard to pay for Google AdWords and it worked fine. Also, Zenith visa prepaid card and UBA Africard can also be used to make Google AdWords payment online. NB: You can apply & obtain the UBA Africard without having either a visa card or a MasterCard. To use the UBA Africard for online transactions, you would have to link your BVN with your card. Follow these easy steps to achieve that 1. Visit https://uapps.ubagroup.com/prepaidbvn. 2. Provide your prepaid Client ID which is located at the right bottom corner on the back of your prepaid card. 3. Click on verify tab to get your ID verified. 4. Provide your Bank Verification Number 5. Click on Submit and you will have your UBA Africard linked with your BVN to enable you make payment for Google AdWords in Nigeria. How to Make Payment for Google Adwords For those asking how do I make payment for advert on google?, follow the steps below 1. Login into your Google AdWords account. 2. Click on Billing and you will be directed to a page showing you information on how to pay using manual Payments 3. Click on the make a Payment tab 4. Click on Credit Card as method of payment. 5. Provide your credit card details, billing address and other information asked. NB: Billing address must be the same as the one you used in applying for the card with your bank. 6. Enter the preferred amount you want to pay. 7. Click on Review Payment tab to review all information entered 8. Click on Make payment tab. A confirmation will be sent to you by Google and your Adwords account will be credited with the payment you successfully made 9. You can now create your ads on Google easily. As you run the advert on Adwords, the money is deducted from the main balance in your Google Adwords account dashboard and the remaining shown as you run the advert. Although, advertising using Facebook ads in Nigeria is common, Google Adwords advert is another sure way to bring visitors to your site especially for a newbie that just created a blog and wants to monetize the blog.

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