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10 highest paying jobs in Nigeria currently

Top 10 Best Daily Pay Jobs in Ibadan (2022)

The city of Ibadan is an urban area with a large variety of job opportunities. The city is a growing one with foreign and...
lastma salary structure

How To Report A LASTMA Official By Filing Complaint

If your vehicle has been stopped wrongly by LASTMA officials or you have been harassed by any of these state traffic officers, the right...
journalist in Nigeria

How To Become A Journalist in Nigeria (2022)

Looking forward to becoming a successful journalist? You’re certainly in the right page as this article will serve as your guide in learning how...
airline ticket agent in Nigeria

How To Become An Airline Ticket Agent in Nigeria

An Airline Ticket Agent is a trained personnel who works hand-in-hand with airline companies. These people perform a variety of tasks which makes their...
cost of house rent in anambra state

Cost of House Rent in Anambra State (2022)

Anambra State is a South-eastern state in Nigeria. The state has an estimated population of 7 million and of the assessed populace, most of...

Best NEBOSH Training Centres in Lagos, Nigeria (2022)

You plan on acquiring a NEBOSH certification and want to sit for the examination? If you answer yes to this question and need help...
salary in Nigeria

10 States With The Highest Salary Structures in Nigeria (2022)

Its not surprising that the states that pays the highest salaries are mostly the richest states in Nigeria. This is because the economy of...

Current Prices of Keke Napep in Nigeria Today (2022)

Are you doing a market research on Keke Napep? Then what's contained in this article will help as it contains the current prices of...

5 Tips for treating Conjunctivitis (Apollo)

Treating Conjuctivitis isn't rocket science. Have you recently developed a red, itchy, crusty eye? Or you know someone who has caught the Apollo bug?...

Biography Of Salisu Buhari: Disgraced Former Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives

Salisu Ibrahim Buhari was the sixth Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives. He headed the lower chamber for the short period of one...
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