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Information of tech news in Nigeria today, ranging from Telecommunication and cable networks, reviews of smartphones, tablets and computers, etc.
oraimo smart watch prices

Oraimo Smart Watch Prices & Reviews in Nigeria (2022)

It’s certain that the use of smart watches is becoming a trend nowadays. This is reflected in the way a lot of people now...

Codes To Activate & Cancel Call Barring, Diverting On GLO Network

This post contains Codes to Activate and Cancel Call Barring, Diverting on GLO SIM and Network. It also explains conference calling on GLO and...
LG Televisions in Nigeria

Top 10 Best Television Brands in Nigeria (2022)

There are lot of television brands that are in the Nigerian electronics industry. This include top brands that have been fabricating televisions to meet...
video camera prices in Nigeria

Latest Prices of Video Cameras in Nigeria (December, 2022)

Video cameras is one the most essential gadgets in the television industry, motion pictures and photography. While the prices of video cameras in Nigeria...
best mifi devices in Nigeria

Best Cheapest MiFi Devices in Nigeria & Prices (December, 2022)

Nowadays, the use of Mifi Devices has been quite prevalent in the networking industry. The reason for this is because everyone wants to browse...

Cheap Original Power Banks in Nigeria: Prices & Specifications (2022)

There are good power banks online available in Nigeria that are original and can be used to charge phones as an alternative source of...
dstv nigeria

How To Clear E16 Error on DSTV Easily

This post provides the easiest methods for clearing DSTV E16 error easily on your decoder via internet and SMS. DSTV is a popular digital satellite...
loan apps in nigeria

Top 10 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria (2022)

Most people imagine long queues, countless waiting hours and time spending when thinking about applying for loans physically in the bank. Technology advancements, has...
How To Track Someone With Phone Number in Nigeria

How To Track Someone With Phone Number in Nigeria (2022)

Tracking a person with the phone number is feasible with the use of modern tecnology softwares which uses Global Positioning System (GPS). With this...
hoverboard prices in nigeria

Prices of Best Hoverboards in Nigeria (December, 2022)

You probably have been seeing a few hoverboards turn out around your street, and you are interested in getting one for yourself. Majority of...
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