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Most Popular Sports in Nigeria: Top 6

Fans in Nigeria have a reputation for obsessing over games and backing their clubs. Sports teams and athletes from all across the continent call...
baseball in Nigeria

Baseball in Nigeria: All You Need Know

Baseball was started in 1846 and is the national sport of the United States. Currently, baseball is one of the fast growing sports that...

How To Bet On Football in Nigeria

Do you want to start placing bets on football like many of your fellow Nigerians? You’re in the right place for it! We’ve prepared...
football culture

Most Prolific Sports Stars to Hail from Nigeria

If you are a self-confessed sporting fan or are just interested in familiarizing yourself with some of Nigeria’s most prolific sports stars, continue reading. In...

FIFA Standard Stadiums in Nigeria: Top 5

We all know how Nigerians adore soccer. It is by far the most loved sport in the most populous African nation. Soccer is as...
how to become a footballer in Nigeria

How To Become A Professional Footballer In Nigeria (2023)

In this write-up, we show you how to become a professional footballer in Nigeria, what to do and the best football academy to join...
football culture

Football Culture in Nigeria: NPFL Resumes

Believe it or not, football is one of the most popular sports in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, several professional Nigerian football teams...
highest paid nigerian footballer

Top 10 Highest Paid Nigerian Footballers in Nigerian Premier League (2023)

The Nigerian Professional Football League has a good number of indigenous players who have been earning a fortune from the sporting industry. There are...
Mikel Obi

Most Successful Nigerian Athletes of All Time

Nigeria is a country that boasts of very successful athletes in various sports, not only in Africa but worldwide. The most notable sports are...
Highest Paid Footballers in Italian Serie A

Top 10 Highest Paid Footballers in Italian Serie A (2023)

With the Italian Serie A being a popular league, many people would enquire about their player and how much these football players take home...
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