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This contains information on universities, polytechnics, college of education. colleges and all accredited academic institutions and courses they offer in Nigeria.
best college of education in nigeria

Top 10 Best Colleges of Education in Nigeria (2022)

In Nigeria today, there is a long list of tertiary institutions to choose when considering your higher institution of choice. Whether it is a...

Top Counseling Courses in Nigerian Universities (2022)

For those who wish to build a career in guidance and counseling, you might want to know the available courses to study in any...

Accredited Courses Offered at Nigerian Law School: Full List (2022)

All Nigerian Law School Courses: Full List For aspiring law graduates who want to practice law in Nigeria, the Nigerian Law School is a graduate...

Top 10 Best Private Universities to Study Law in Nigeria (2022)

Law is a system of rules that are generated and imposed through social or governmental institutions to regulate conduct. While different private universities in...
Primary school

Approved List of Primary School Subjects in Nigeria (2022)

This is the comprehensive list of all primary school subjects in Nigeria and their details.  Primary education is the basic foundational education of any child/ward....
NYSC infopedia

NYSC: Best Northern States To Serve As A Youth Corper (2022)

As one who served in the north, I know most prospective NYSC corpers would be searching for the best northern states to serve as...
NYSC infopedia

Official Sample of NYSC Redeployment Application Letter & How To Write It

Here is the official way on how to write NYSC redeployment letter for those seeking relocation based on health grounds. We also provided two...
NYSC infopedia

NYSC Orientation Camp: Everything You Need Know This 2022

NYSC Orientation Camp can sometimes be stressful or even exciting. Most prospective youth corpers often go unprepared to the NYSC camp without proper information...
NYSC infopedia

History of NYSC in Nigeria: When NYSC Started & Purpose

When did NYSC Start in Nigeria? NYSC, known as National Youth Service Corps is a Nigerian organization which was established by the Nigerian government to...
NYSC infopedia

NYSC Relocation & Redeployment: How To Apply + Reasons (2022)

Seeking approval for relocating or redeploying at the NYSC orientation camp can be a daunting task especially for prospective corp members who don't have...
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