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This contains information on universities, polytechnics, college of education. colleges and all accredited academic institutions and courses they offer in Nigeria.
catholic schools in nigeria

Full List of Catholic Universities in Nigeria (2022)

Catholic schools today comprise the largest non-public school system in the Nigeria. Indeed, Catholic education in Nigeria predates the country. By the time the...
NUC university ranking

List of Educational Institutions Affiliated to Nigerian Universities

A large number of dependent educational institutions are linked to a reputable university. Several of the schools affiliated to the universities in this list...
maritime academies in Nigeria

Full List of Maritime Schools in Nigeria & Locations

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, also known as NIMASA, certifies institutions that provide maritime training and education in Nigeria. There are a...
best programming schools in Nigeria

Top 5 Best Coding Schools to Learn Programming in Abuja

The society is changing and entering a new era in which technology is becoming increasingly important. As a result, it’s no surprise that programmers...

Top 10 Most Expensive Universities in Nigeria & Tuition (2022)

Studying in any of Nigeria’s most expensive universities doesn’t mean that you get quality education. If you are eager to get admission into a...
best programming schools in Nigeria

Top 10 Best Programming Schools in Nigeria (2022)

Are you looking for a place you can learn how to code in Nigeria or a top programming school where to learn programming language,...
best nigerian univeristies to study international relations

10 Best Nigerian Universities Offering International Relations (2022)

International relations is a good course to study in the university. However, it’s not all of the colleges or universities in Nigeria that offers...

How To Change Course in Nigerian University (2022)

You accepted your university admission at some time during your first school year. After that, you prepared and packed your belongings before heading off...
largest film industry in the world

Top 10 Best Acting Schools in Nigeria & Location (2022)

There are several excellent acting schools in Nigeria that provide quality training to aspiring professional actors and actresses. It's the duty of every film...
catering in nigeria

Best Culinary Schools in Ibadan: Full List + Location

The importance of attending a culinary school can’t be underestimated if you must be a caterer. Learning to cook in a recognized culinary school...
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