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This contains the biographies of celebrity actors & actresses, politicians, popular musicians and other important personalities in Nigeria.

Top Billionaires in Hausa/Fulani Land (2022)

This article is about the wealthiest and richest Hausa/Fulani men in Nigeria, as well as their present financial position. These individuals have developed economic...
most notorious robbers in Nigeria

List of Notorious Armed Robbers in Nigeria’s History

At various times, infamous armed robbers have wreaked havoc in Nigeria, in various sections of the country. They left misery and the devastation of...
richest Hausa musicians

Top 10 Richest Hausa Musicians in Nigeria (2022)

Over the years, Hausa musicians has been in extreme in the music industry. These kannywood artists have their popularity attributed to the famed arewa...

10 Richest Actors In Nigeria & Their Net Worth (2022)

Do you want to have a peep into the financial stand of the male actors in the Nigerian movie industry? Although, we wrote previously...

Top 10 Richest Families in The World & Net Worth (2022)

There are powerful families in the world that are very rich and influential. Some say these families belong to the Illuminati, while others say...

Names of Senators in Nigeria And Their Constituencies (Updated, 2022)

The senate is the upper chamber of the Nigerian National Assembly which has senators representing their different constituencies/districts. A senator by contrast is an...

Top 10 Richest Female Actress in Nigeria 2022 & Net Worth (Updated)

While Nigerian actresses are popular, not all are wealthy. The few female actors who have made a fortune from the Nollywood movie industry invested...

Top 10 Most Successful Actresses in Nigeria Today (2022)

We wrote on the current Nigerian actresses that are paid the highest in Nollywood this 2022. This time, we shall list those Nigerian actresses...

Olamide Net Worth, Biography, Endorsement Deals & Assets (2022)

This post is about Olamide's net worth this 2022, biography, songs and albums, endorsement deals and assets. Although, Olamide badoo is not the richest...
Reps in Nigeria

Full List of Names of Reps in Nigeria And Their Constituencies (2022)

The House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the Nigerian federal legistature of the National Assembly. Members of the House of Representatives are...
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