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This contains the biographies of celebrity actors & actresses, politicians, popular musicians and other important personalities in Nigeria.

List of Nigerian Looters: 10 Biggest in History

Looting of money in Nigeria isn't anything new. Corruption in Nigeria didn't just start today as there are people in the history of Nigeria...

Jessica Elvis Oluchi: The Untold Truth About Her

Biography of Jessica Elvis: Who was she? Late Jessica served as one of the oldest secretary in a non-governmental organization known as the National association...

Biography Of Herbert Macaulay: Father of Nigerian Nationalism

This is the Biography of Olayinka Herbert Samuel Heelas Badmus Macaulay, simply known as Herbert Macaulay, the father of Nigerian Nationalism. He was an...
Tunde Owokoniran

Tunde Owokoniran: Biography & Net Worth (2020)

Tunde Owokoniran also known as tunde tilapia is a veteran Yoruba movie actor. Below are things you don't know about him. Profile He is a native...

Nnamdi Azikiwe Biography: First President of Nigeria

This is the Biography of late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, (born November 16, 1904, Zungeru, Nigeria—died May 11, 1996, Enugu ), The last Governor-general and...

See How Much Linda Ikeji Makes In A Month Currently

Linda Ikeji is Nigeria's richest blogger at the moment who makes tonnes of money from her blog, Aside from her popular blog, she...

Yemi Alade Biography & Net Worth (2020)

Yemi Alade has come to stay in the Nigerian music industry for good. The stylish singer is the darling of all and she knows...

Top 10 Most Influential Politicians In Yoruba Land (2020)

This post contains a comprehensive list of the most influential politicians in Yoruba land that are powerful and respected in Nigeria. These politicians are well...

Poorest President in Africa (2020)

The Poorest President in Africa 2020 This post contains the poorest president in Africa, who might also be the world's poorest leader and the least...

Founder & Owner of (Picture)

If you are looking for information about the owner of, here is his profile, picture amd what you must know about the founder...
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