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This contains information on the Nigerian armed forces (Army, Navy, Air force and the Nigerian Police)

Benefits of Joining the Nigerian Navy

Do you plan on joining the Nigerian Navy through short service? Are you interested in knowing the benefits of joining the Nigerian Navy as...

Nigerian Navy: History, Roles & Functions

INTRODUCTION TO THE HISTORY OF THE NIGERIAN NAVY The history of the Nigerian Navy could be traced to the colonial marine Department of the Royal...

Nigerian Army Recruitment: Important Things To Know Before Joining The Nigerian Army

One of our writers wrote on the fastest and surest ways to rank in the Nigerian Army but this time, we shall focus on...

Nigerian Army Short Service: Recruitment Portal, Requirements + Help Lines

If you are seeking recruitment into the Nigerian Army via short service application, this post will provide useful information on the requirements of the...

Nigerian Police Force: Recruitment, Portal & Requirements (2022)

For those who want to know all about Nigerian Police Force, recruitment, application and requirements, this post will offer valuable information about the Nigerian...

Top 10 Best Military Forces in the Middle East (2022)

Are you aware of the best military forces in the Middle East? The most powerful military forces in the Middle East are some of...

Nigerian Navy Ranks & Salaries 2022 (New Increase by Buhari)

Just like the Nigerian Police, Airforce and Army, the new Nigerian naval officers salary range is paid according to their ranks from the lowest...

Top Paramilitary Organisations in Nigeria & Functions

The paramilitary forces or agencies are security organizations whose activities, training, tactics and operations are similar to that of the military. They are not...
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