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This contains information on the Nigerian armed forces (Army, Navy, Air force and the Nigerian Police)

How To Join Nigerian Immigration As A Graduate (2022)

There are many Nigerians that have graduated and are looking for federal government jobs. Working as an immigration officer is a job that is...

Benefits of Joining the Nigerian Navy

Do you plan on joining the Nigerian Navy through short service? Are you interested in knowing the benefits of joining the Nigerian Navy as...

The Highest Paid Force in Nigeria: Ranks And Salaries (2022)

Most people want to know the highest paid military in Nigeria. Although, the armed forces is a special unit in the country which comprises...

NDA: History, Ranks & Salary Structure (2022)

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) was established in 1964. This academy is in charge of training officers of the Armed Forces of Nigeria. While the...

Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Exams Past Question & Answers (2022)

Below are some Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Exams Past Question & Answers 2022. If you want to know all about Nigeria Police history and...

Nigerian Air force: Ranks, History and Functions of the Nigerian Airforce

The aim of this post is to inform you about the Nigerian Air Force, its History, Ranks and Functions of the Nigerian Air Force. History...

Nigerian Police Force: Recruitment, Portal & Requirements (2022)

For those who want to know all about Nigerian Police Force, recruitment, application and requirements, this post will offer valuable information about the Nigerian...

Top Major Government Security Agencies in Nigeria & Functions

Crime and security has always been a major concern in virtually all the countries in the world. The government is always on the lookout...

Salary of Commissioner of Police in Nigeria: See Correct Figures

This post answers the question about how much is the salary of the commissioner of police in the country today? The Nigerian police is the...

United States Navy Salary Structure and Ranks (2022)

United States Navy Pay For those who wants to know how much a naval officer in the American Navy earns as his pay/salary, below is...
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