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This contains information on the Nigerian armed forces (Army, Navy, Air force and the Nigerian Police)

FRSC Ranks & Salary Structure + Recruitment Details (2022)

The Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) ranks and salary structure differs from other military agencies in the country. Their primary role is to regulate...

How To Join Nigerian Navy As A Graduate

Its no news that most Nigerians would like to join the Nigerian Navy as a graduate and so they rush to their recruitment website...

Top Major Government Security Agencies in Nigeria & Functions

Crime and security has always been a major concern in virtually all the countries in the world. The government is always on the lookout...

Full List of All Military/Command Schools in Nigeria’s 36 States

Military schools in Nigeria just like accredited federal and state secondary schools also offer quality education to their students. If you are looking for...
spy police in nigeria

Spy Police in Nigeria: Salary, Recruitment & Application Process (2022)

The Supernumerary Police generally known as Spy Police is a branch of the Nigerian Police Force. This is a unique police outfit which was...

Military Universities in Nigeria: Full List

Military universities in Nigeria are those universities under the Nigerian military. Unlike the conventional schools around, the Nigerian military universities aside providing academic training...

NDA Salary, Ranks, Requirements & Courses Offered

NDA Salary, Ranks, Requirements & Courses Offered The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is the only military university in the country responsible for training officer cadets...

All Military and Paramilitary Ranks in Nigeria

The military and paramilitary in Nigeria are respected uniformed organizations in the country that deals with security of civilian lives and property. Ranking in...

Top 10 Best Ground Forces in Africa (2022)

Top 10 Best Ground Forces in Africa (Current Ranking) The army generally, is the military component of a country that are trained and equipped with...

Nigerian Air force Short Service: Recruitment Portal, Requirements + Help Lines

Are you seeking recruitment into the Nigerian Airforce through the short service application, this post will provide useful information on the requirements of the...
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