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Nigerian Police

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This contains information of the Nigerian police.

How To Join Nigerian Police Force As A Graduate (2022)

In Nigeria, joining the Nigerian police is a way of shouldering great responsibility because it becomes a primary duty to save life and secure...

Salary of Commissioner of Police in Nigeria: See Correct Figures

This post answers the question about how much is the salary of the commissioner of police in the country today? The Nigerian police is the...

How To Join Nigerian Immigration As A Graduate (2022)

There are many Nigerians that have graduated and are looking for federal government jobs. Working as an immigration officer is a job that is...
how to report a police officer in Nigeria

How to Report Misconduct of Police Officers in Nigeria

Police brutality to ordinary citizens is a menace that has being long overdue in Nigeria today. The EndSARS protest carried out by citizens of...
police training institutions in Nigeria

Full List of Police Academies in Nigeria & Locations

This article contains a complete list of all Nigerian police training schools and academies, as well as their locations. These police training institutes assist...
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